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John Curtis Protecting a Rapist Police Chief?

I would rather sleep in a pit of poisonous vipers than have John Curtis as my congressman. It’s very clear now who he is and the lengths he’ll go to protect sexual predators. Recently we’ve seen Supreme Court Nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson, protecting child rapists and child pornographers' as a sitting Judge. CNN, a far left content creator, was exposed by Project Veritas for having multiple child rapists and predators in its ranks. We saw the creepy Epstein connection with Bill Clinton, we later saw the files and evidence from the Maxwell trial sealed so no one would know the names of the perpetrators in their blackmail racket. Weiner's laptop allegedly has horrifying material that made the most seasoned police investigators sick. We saw Hillary’s efforts to attack Bill Clintons’ rape victims. John Curtis is not different from the other far left wing extremists. While Curtis was the democrat mayor of Provo, before there was “me too” movement, there were multiple sexual harassments complaints, including one accusation of rape against Provo’s Chief of Police, John King. What did Curtis do? Did he take the accusations seriously and take steps to protect the women in Provo? Did he consider the ramifications of a predator serving as police chief? No, according to a lawsuit

“he did not want to receive any more complaints about Chief King”

and that

"Chief King was going to remain chief of the department as long as Curtis was in office and there was nothing the supervisors could do about it,”

Curtis only took the action of asking for King’s resignation, after a student volunteer accused King of rape in early 2017. John Curtis put women in danger. He refused to hear anything and went out of his way to protect a

serial predator. I can’t imagine what it's like to be a victim by someone as powerful as a chief of police and then having John Curtis cover for him. It’s horrifying. John Curtis is sick and disgusting.

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