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Utah Setup the STEAL

Today there was rally and a Utah County commissioner meeting in which the topic of an election audit was the focus. The attendees were concerned about the obvious election fraud nationwide in the 2020 election and what they witnessed first hand in Utah. The commissioners dutifully reminded them that they are at the mercy of the state legislature on how elections are conducted. That didn't stop them from weighing in on state law regarding capital punishment and joining County attorney David Leavitt on denying justice in Utah County. The safe guards Utah County took to ensure election integrity were assured. The biggest proponent of universal vote by mail, the chief mechanism used to blatantly stuff ballots in 2020, was sitting in that room, Amelia Powers Gardner. A massive seemingly coordinated public relations effort was underway in 2020. Utah's Never Trumper Republican establishment tried to get Hillary Clinton elected 2016, by splitting the vote with Evan McMullin. They had not stopped in 2020 and were doing everything they could to get Joe Biden in the White House. The GOP chair in Utah County Stuart Peay appeared along side then Utah County Clerk, Amelia Powers Gardner, in a Washington Post hit piece that was aimed at undermining Trump's concerns with universal vote by mail. State GOP chair at the time, Derek Brown, used the state party's social media to contradict Trump and push the virtues and safety of vote by mail. Militant Never Trumper, Spencer Cox who didn't think it was enough push violence on Trump supporters and endanger the lives of our Border Patrol, went on multiple nation wide networks to attack Trump and push the blatant lie that vote by mail was secure. All while playing a two faced game of campaigning to Trump supporters and winking at the wave of Democrats registering as Republicans to carry him through the GOP primary for Governor. GADIANTON Romney and leftist influencer Congressman John Curtis all joined Spencer Cox in taking to social media to push the lie to the nation on vote by mail. "Utah has been doing it for ten years" and retweeting any leftist propaganda to reinforce the agenda. The agenda being the much needed talking point by the Biden campaign that red states have proven vote by mail safe. It was all a lie. Utah had never done in it in a general election before 2020. Primaries that have used it, up to that point, were fraught with issues. Utah exists as a case study on how awful universal vote by mail is. Wrong ballots conveniently going to the wrong parties, ballots of the deceased and long since moved coming to houses, minors getting ballots, signature verification locations missing on ballot envelopes. Don't let your lying eyes deceive you and listen to those above reproach. Anything short of universal vote by mail is now deemed racist by LG Babykiller, Deidre Henderson. There is absolutely no chain of custody for any ballots in the mail. Anyone can fill them out and turn them in. Anyone can watch you fill out if they know you have it. People can go door to door to collect ballots. People can buy and sell them. So the irony of Amelia Powers Gardner in today's meeting pontificating as Utah County's newest commissioner of how she got rid of Dominion and every ballot is a paper ballot shouldn't be lost on anyone. She went on about her emails not being returned by a Arizona state senator so she can't possibly understand what was in the forensic audit. She was the poster child for needed agenda to remove Trump from office and she did just that!

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