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A Disturbing Anniversary

Today marks a disturbing anniversary in the state of Utah. A day that the establishment revealed themselves for the duplicitous and scheming individuals they were. The secret combinations were left exposed for all to see.

Eric Moutsos had organized a group, Utah Business Revival. A group that was dedicated to reversing the impacts the lockdown had on small businesses throughout the state. He was holding gatherings. Very successful gatherings with widespread support. Eric had worked with Kaysville Mayor and congressional candidate Kate Witt to hold a concert featuring country music star, Colin Raye. All was going well City Council was excited, venue was being arranged. Yet something happened, something not unrelated to the ongoing republican primary at the time. Kate Witt was running against the establishment pick and Romneycrat, Blake Moore. In previous gatherings candidates challenging the establishment were making their presence known to the greater public. Then lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox was enjoying the cover of Utah's crony media establishment fawning over his handling of the Pandemic. No one calling out his blatant violations of Constitutional liberties advocated by his CoronaVirus Task force. No one except those candidates speaking at Eric Moutsos revival. As if a memo went out and a secret meeting was held the Kaysville City Council pulled any support for a concert organized by Eric Moutsos and his UBR. They threatened legal action and even turning on the sprinklers if they tried holding a concert in Kaysville.

That didn't stop efforts going forward. A new venue was found in Tooele County on private property. Alas sinister forces were not going to stand idly by and let this event go forward. It would conflict with the lockdown agenda. That forced mail-in voting for establishment ballot stuffing nationwide. Killing the economy that would force a dependency on government programs where there wasn't any before. Tooele County Commissioner Shawn Milne threw his weight in to stop the concert. The owners of the venue were threatened with legal action and their ability to hold the concert challenged. The challenges forced the organizers into court for hours, making the most preposterous claims about the event and what it would do. They succeeded in killing the concert but not the protest. Eric Moutsos announced he was going to hold a gathering to get to Tooele County and he would announce the location just before it was to start. So as to prevent it from being stopped.

We know now what we knew then. The threat of the virus was nothing more than a pretext to silence political dissent. People spaced outdoors on lawn chairs and blankets was hardly the ideal conditions to spread a Chinese bioweapon created in a lab in Wuhan. Unlike bleachers for the Motocross event held four days earlier. Where was Commissioner Milne attempting to stop this event? Where were the threats of shutting down a venue? Where were the threats of arrest? It was clear this wasn't being shut down out of concerns from a Chinese bioweapon. This was being shut down because of it’s message.

Eric held his event. People gathered, no one died, property wasn't damaged. Elected officials from across the state spoke. This is in part what makes Eric Moutsos such a threat to the cabals of power in our mountain state. Attempts to characterize him as a dangerous radical fail, due to his effective ability to channel political dissent in a constructive way. What message were they trying to prevent?

Eric Moutsos and Utah Business Revival wasn't the only group holding a protest event that day. A far more sinister and dangerous group was holding their own event. This one had the blessing of the establishment. No threats of arrest for showing up, no days in court trying to shut it down. No secret locations. This one with the specific intention of violence damage and property destruction. A stated purpose to attack the family. They operated out of the premise of concern about police brutality and racial discrimination. A narrative exploited to advance a far more radical agenda. In downtown Salt Lake a riot broke out. Police were told to stand down. A revolutionary mob of Marxists flipped a police car then set it on fire. They block traffic, not allowing anyone to pass. They attacked and vandalized the state capitol building and the desecrated religious markers. By doing this they let you know exactly who was in charge. Hours and hours passed before law enforcement was directed to stop it, by then law enforcement resources were called from the entire state to attempt to bring order.

Police were assaulted, threatened, and abused. Did this detract from their message? Not in the least. The narrative pushed by the same crony media covering for Spencer Cox and his donors on no bid contracts, attacked police officers further characterizing them as a racist hunting squad. Sick cartoons labeling police as the KKK were published in the Salt Fake Tribune. The violence was characterized as a justified reaction to racial injustice. Any fake concerns about the spread of the Chinese bioweapon, COVID 19 were dismissed. That it was safe to protest because it's only dangerous when you have the wrong views.

This day one year ago we saw a dark cabal reveal itself. It encouraged a Marxist revolution and suppressed an event calling for the preservation of the U.S. Constitution. It revealed secret combinations hell bent on instituting a Marxist kleptocracy. We saw the specific individuals acquiescing to this agenda. We don't know if they acted out of fear, malice, or ignorance, they acted and we know who they are. We see who tried to stop Eric Moutsos and who encouraged the Marxist mob. The good news is now we know who these people are. The question remains, what do we do about it? Come election time when Utah's crony media establishment covers for them and attacks their opponents, will we remember?

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