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One of Utah's biggest fighters is running for Governor, Pay attention

The first time I saw Sylvia was at a protest in front of Democratic Congressman Ben McAdams office. Adam Schiff was leading the sham impeachment and Utah's CD4 Congressman. I got their late, Trump campaign had sent out a mass text to all his supporters. I immediately noticed a few things. First was a man I recognized has being the highest ranking elected official in Utah to support Trump in 2016, Greg Hughes. Second was a woman standing next to him holding a hand made sign that said "BULLSCHIFF". Lastly there was a bunch of freshly printed signs that were being held by what looked like the backroom staff at a Hot Topic, that read "I'm a republican and I support impeachment" The astro turfing was obvious, it wasn't the last time I saw these individuals either. The woman I would come to learn was named Sylvia Miera-Fisk. I would see Sylvia at every conservative fight in this state since.

Sylvia was at the COVID protest in Vineyard later that year when Cox was telling county officials to lockdown the population while he ran for Governor. Sylvia went further she took to the streets and help plaster Utah with "Hughes Iverson" signs.

Then came the BLM riots, while Governor Herbert hid in the basement and Spencer Cox sanctimoniously tweeted at everyone. Sylvia was in the streets documenting the intention destruction of Salt Lake City organized by leftist terrorist organizations and egged on by elected officials. The next day Sylvia was at the capitol cleaning the graffiti off it. See booth or someone gathering signatures trying to restore Utah's flag from the current Power Ranger vomit of a meme Dan McCay left us with? Then there is a good chance Sylvia was there. I have seen first hand Sylvia taking to the streets over and over taking on the establishment agenda. Now she's running for Governor. I'm taking note and telling everyone else they should do the same.

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