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Government Internet? Why you should be concerned...

I went to see a movie for the first time in a longtime. The Megaplex's PSA was enough to make me ill. Before the start of the movie they played state government funded PSA about the evils of social media and the harm it does to children. The state is actively advocating the for the suppression of information on social media under the guise of a public health crisis. This should concern everyone. This isn't about protecting children from anything. The government funded propaghanda is horrifying. The state shouldn't regulate peoples ability to communicate with each other in ways they see fit. We should be concerned with the state advocating for owning internet infrastructure. They can then use that muscle to supress politcal dissent and have shown their eagerness to do so.

Government owned broadband could be sold as a means of assisting a town, county or region as giving them a leg up, but the reality is it sets up a dangerous control, that could leave users in a lurch. Governments can take action like cutting utilities during the pandemic because people were visiting each other. Imagine if they considered your worldview dangerous. Maybe they didn't like your blog, maybe you opposed an elected official, maybe you spoke out at a school board meeting an you have been branded a dangerous terrorist. A government owned internet stifle competition with tax subsidies and limit options when your need to communicate with the outside world the most. Keep your communications open and out of the hands of people who don't have your best interests in mind.

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I absolutely agree with you David. We need to get back to being sovereigns and not beholding to anyone except ourselves under our true Constitution

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