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Brad Wilson has earned my consideration

No one has been more outraged at Utah's government than myself. Our elections are a disgrace. Our citizenry is abused by malicious Marxists taking advantage of gullible legislators with the most superficial talking points. In what seems like an endless stream of absolute hell coming out of each legislative session there is a lot to be enraged about. However we can't ignore the victories when they happen and who made them happen. When Brad Wilson announced his exploratory committee for a lot my fellow cynics balked at the idea of his candidacy. To which I reminded them of some very significant victories that came about because of Speaker Wilson and to date no one else has done. His policy victories were not comfortable or easy positions take. They will make him an enemy of establishment forces with sinister intent. The policy victories of Speaker Wilson that immediately came to mind are:

Constitution carry - Previous efforts made it through the legislature but were vetoed by Governor Herbert, Speaker Wilson didn't hesitate to try the new governor who wouldn't dare veto it given his candidacy positions.

Women's sports - Speaker Wilson overrode the governor's veto. This not only saved children from being exposed to deviants but sent a very clear message to the basement dwellers at the Capitol about what they could expect going forward.

School Choice - Children suffer under the yoke of a bureaucracy and Marxist teacher that sees each one of them as paycheck and young recruit into their sinister indoctrination cartel. The teacher unions are the most powerful political force in the state. Wilson put children ahead of forces now seeking to destroy him.

Children in masks - In an act of barbaric cruelty the establishment thugs that count themselves as members of the Grand Ole Party and sit on the Salt Lake County Council voted to put children in infectious, oxygen depriving, dehumanizing masks. Speaker Wilson not only overrode this he worked to establish a legal mechanism to make it possible.

Since Speaker Wilson's press release I've heard an litany of criticism aimed at his tenure as Speaker by the people who most want to see Romney removed from office. Maybe it's all true, but so is this. To date he's the only one to have pushed back on the Cox regime with and substantive policy changes. He took on the antichrist establishment thug herself Aimee Winder Newton and her creepy toadie Laurie Stringham. Brad Wilson has earned the right to be considered and every conservative patriot should have his back. I'm excited about his candidacy and look forward to hearing him out as a candidate.

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