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John Curtis is Worse than Mitt Romney

The cliffhanger of the cable TV show I've been watching goes to a commercial break, interrupting my suspense with a political ad. John Curtis stands in front of Trump's border wall, with a cinematic narration discussing his concerns about securing the border and taking action on illegal immigration. Another commercial features Curtis shooting a revolver, highlighting his achievements in building gun ranges, serving as mayor of Provo, and his role in Congress. If I only knew what media sources across the spectrum feed the public, I might find these ads appealing—they are as good as, if not better than, anything I've seen this election cycle for a statewide office in Utah.

However, the reality is different. John Curtis attacking President Trump, calling the border wall racist, and much worse, will likely escape the attention of most Utah primary voters. The narrative portraying him as a devoutly conservative candidate tackling tough issues isn't being seriously challenged. The stark contrast between who he portrays himself as and who he really is becomes difficult to believe. This isn't uncommon in Utah, where predatory politicians sell themselves as the opposite of who they truly are, but Curtis takes it to another level. His media cover and his extraordinary interpersonal skills, rivaling Bill Clinton's and uniquely fine-tuned for Utah's trusting public, set him apart from the far-left politicians who use messenger bills and regime media to deceive. John Curtis is dangerously deceitful, acting against the very people who helped put him in power.

Romney, Cox, Maloy, and Moore all exploit taxpayers while enriching themselves and their close friends. They show disdain for the Republican base, yet pander to those very voters during primaries. They openly attack Trump and hope their criticisms will go unnoticed. Their left-leaning allies at Deseretleft News, KSL (KORIHOR SELLING LIES), and the Salt Fake Tribune conveniently overlook any contradictions between their campaign promises and their actual records.

But how is John Curtis worse than all of them? What makes him so much worse than Romney? Romney couldn’t keep his mouth shut or his hands clean for long. His deceptive 2018 campaign was a slap in the face to his primary voters, especially when he published an op-ed in the Washington Post the day before being sworn in as a senator, expressing his disdain for them. He didn't publish that op-ed in the Deseret News while he was in a primary with Mike Kennedy. He waited until after the election, but even then, Romney couldn’t help himself—he wanted everyone to know how much of a beltway insider he was.

John Curtis, on the other hand, is even more insidious. He keeps up the façade and is very strategic about when and how he reveals his true colors. He manipulates report cards (which are 100% worthless) and panders to different audiences with contradictory messages. He brags about attending COP 26 and establishing a gateway for carbon credit taxes with his "Conservative Climate Caucus" in Park City, and then boasts about advancing Utah’s mining interests in coal country. He’s skilled at private conversations with constituents, calling Trump evil on a podcast to please the host but avoiding such statements on Fox News.

Approach him wearing a Biden shirt, and you'll encounter a leftist infiltrator advancing the far-left agenda from a GOP seat. Approach him with a MAGA hat, and he'll present himself as a devout America First conservative fighting China, promoting American energy, securing the border, and stopping illegal immigration. The problem is that the latter isn’t true.

John Curtis, as the former mayor of Provo, is a dangerous man who has proven he will go to great lengths to protect those who harm the most vulnerable. Curtis appointed John King as Provo's police chief, despite King’s troubling history. In Baltimore, King was involved in a sexual misconduct case that the city had to settle in 2013. While in Provo, King faced numerous accusations of sexual harassment, including lewd comments, uninvited touching, groping, and even rape. This was a man in a position of power who abused it to commit sexual assault, and Curtis, abusing his own position, protected and enabled him.

It’s evident now who John Curtis is and the extremes he will go to shield sexual predators. We've seen similar protection for abusers from other powerful figures, like Supreme Court Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson, who has been criticized for her leniency towards child rapists and pornographers. CNN, exposed by Project Veritas, harbored multiple child predators, and the Epstein scandal revealed the dark connections of people like Bill Clinton, whose associates’ names were hidden after the Maxwell trial. The notorious Weiner laptop allegedly contained material so disturbing that seasoned police officers were sickened. Hillary Clinton attacked her husband's rape victims. John Curtis is cut from the same cloth as these far-left extremists.

During his tenure as mayor Provo's Chief of Police John King was repeatedly accused of sexual harassment and even rape. Did Curtis take these accusations seriously? Did he protect the women of Provo from a known predator? No. According to a lawsuit, Curtis stated he didn’t want to receive any more complaints about King and assured that King would remain in his position as long as Curtis was in office. It was only after a student volunteer accused King of rape in early 2017 that Curtis requested King’s resignation.

John Curtis put women in danger, ignored their pleas for help, and went out of his way to protect a serial predator. Imagine the terror of being a victim of someone as powerful as a police chief, only to have John Curtis cover for him. It’s horrifying. Curtis even lied about the reason for King’s departure and threw him a farewell party, all at the taxpayer’s expense. Later, the city of Provo had to pay a $750,000 settlement due to Curtis and King’s actions. John Curtis’ behavior was sickening and unacceptable. This is the last kind of person we need in positions of power.

Representative John Curtis’ financial dealings have cast a shadow over his integrity and suitability for public office. The accusations against him suggest a troubling pattern of using insider knowledge and his congressional position to enrich himself through suspicious stock trades. This behavior is not only unethical but also undermines public trust in our elected officials.

John Curtis has been implicated in a series of well-timed and highly profitable stock trades. These transactions raise serious ethical questions about whether Curtis is leveraging insider information gained from his congressional duties. Reports have indicated that Curtis, along with other representatives, had some of the highest returns on their semi-stock trades, often involving companies directly affected by legislation they were reviewing.

One of the most egregious examples of Curtis' questionable trading involves his sale of shares in First Republic Bank. On March 16, 2023, Curtis sold his shares just one day before the bank's stock plummeted due to financial instability and a subsequent bailout. This timing suggests that Curtis might have acted on privileged information to avoid significant financial losses. Such actions are not just unethical; they betray the trust placed in him by his constituents.

Curtis’ investment activities extend beyond just one incident. He disclosed purchasing stock in Valero Energy Corporation while serving on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. This clear conflict of interest raises questions about whether Curtis’ legislative actions are influenced by his personal financial interests rather than the public good. When an elected official’s decisions potentially benefit their financial portfolio, it erodes the integrity of the office and public trust.

During the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Curtis made multiple trades in companies poised to benefit from the crisis. These included investments in Zoom, Abbott Laboratories, BlackRock Inc., and Activision Blizzard. While Curtis claims these trades were managed by a mutual fund without his direct involvement, the timing and nature of these transactions have prompted calls for an ethics investigation. The public deserves assurance that their elected officials are not using crises for personal gain.

Ethics watchdogs and advocacy groups have called for a thorough investigation into Curtis' trades. Accountable.US filed a complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics, arguing that Curtis’ actions may violate the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act and House Ethics Rules. The complaint highlights that Curtis' trades often coincided with significant legislative actions or market-moving events, suggesting misuse of insider information.

John Curtis has no place in the U.S. Senate, nor any public office, he continues to exploit his position for personal financial gain. His pattern of suspiciously timed stock trades, often involving companies directly impacted by congressional actions, suggests a blatant misuse of insider information. This behavior not only undermines the ethical standards expected of our elected officials but also betrays the trust of taxpayers who expect their representatives to serve the public interest, not their own wallets. Allowing Curtis to profit from his office while taxpayers foot the bill is unacceptable and erodes the foundational principles of integrity and accountability in our government.

The political landscape today is fraught with contradictions and inconsistency, and nowhere is this more evident than in the case of John Curtis. His record is a baffling paradox compared to the positions he claims to champion. Such inconsistency reveals a politician more aligned with playing both sides than with firm, principled leadership—qualities essential for anyone aspiring to the U.S. Senate.

Curtis's reactions following the events of January 6th are particularly telling. He rushed to decry the actions of Trump supporters, even appearing on MSNBC to lament the personal affronts he endured—a mean note on his locker and a crude flyer labeling him a traitor. This victimization narrative starkly contrasts with his lack of vocal opposition to the violence perpetrated against Trump supporters, showing a selective and politically convenient stance on violence and accountability. Moreover, his support for Nancy Pelosi’s January 6th commission, which many argue unfairly labeled peaceful protesters as terrorists, underscores his alignment with partisan interests rather than conservative values.

Curtis’s actions following January 6th extended to Congress, where he was quick to censure President Trump, accusing him of attempting to overturn the 2020 Presidential election without a thorough consideration of the facts. This move highlights Curtis’s propensity for rash decisions that align him more with Democratic operatives than with the Republican base he claims to represent. Notably, Curtis has not shown similar fervor in holding President Biden accountable, indicating a selective application of his principles.

Further contradictions emerge in Curtis’s stance on immigration. Despite the GOP's firm opposition to illegal immigration and amnesty, Curtis has supported policies that incentivize illegal crossings and human trafficking. By pushing for an amnesty bill, Curtis disregards the harsh realities faced by women and children at the border, many of whom suffer unimaginable abuses. This approach not only conflicts with Republican values but also perpetuates the humanitarian crisis at the border.

Curtis’s advocacy for the “Dignity Act,” which provides a pathway to citizenship for millions of illegal aliens, further betrays his inconsistency. This bill, co-sponsored with known proponents of expansive immigration policies, undermines GOP pledges to prioritize American workers and secure the border. Curtis’s aggression towards a delegate questioning him on this stance—an encounter marked by physical intimidation—reveals a troubling lack of composure and respect for democratic discourse.

Curtis’s statements on President Trump also expose his inconsistency. Describing Trump as the “greater evil” and supporting impeachment processes while criticizing their execution, Curtis vacillates between condemnation and strategic ambiguity. His public denunciations and subsequent backpedaling create confusion about his true stance and loyalty.

John Curtis is the living embodiment of a politician who says one thing during campaign season and does another, epitomizing the extreme and outrageous betrayal of public trust. His blatant dishonesty is uniquely disqualifying, as he consistently campaigns on conservative values while repeatedly aligning himself with partisan Democratic actions. Curtis's duplicitous behavior—from supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants to censuring President Trump while ignoring similar actions by President Biden—demonstrates a profound disconnect between his rhetoric and his record. Such stark inconsistency renders him the perfect example of why voters should never trust him and underscores his unfitness for any public office.

For voters disgusted by Mitt Romney's leftist stances and open criticisms of Trump, John Curtis represents an even greater threat. Unlike Romney, whose positions and critiques are clear, Curtis's duplicitous nature makes him far more dangerous. John Curtis looting the US Treasury with his unethical stock trading, manipulating report cards, and playing both sides of critical issues reveal a politician deeply embedded in deceit. His protection of a known sexual predator as mayor and his selective application of principles further erode any modicum of human decency. Curtis's strategic ambiguity and manipulation, underscored by multiple Project Veritas exposés, reveal a candidate willing to betray conservative values for personal and political gain. In contrast to Romney's petulant and eager attacks on Trump, Curtis's calculated deception is a stark warning to voters who value American and our continued existance as a constituional republic.

John Curtis advances leftist agendas within the GOP with far more measure and aptitude than Mitt Romney ever could. He games report cards and uses his influence to advance dangerous agendas that exceed the worst government abuses to date. John Curtis's "Climate Caucus" is a gateway to the worst totalitarian power grab in human history. His tenure in the senate would be more destructive to the American way of life than any extremist left wing radical ever could, because John Curtis better and moving the needle on a far left agenda than Mitt Romney ever was.

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I agree with David about many of these things. I don't think Curtis is honest and I sense his duplicity. The situation with his police chief King is appalling. His support of Illegals entering and taking root in our country is wrong. The information about his insider stock trading has been seen and yes I agree, Curtis is worse than Romney. Look out for these politicians who prey on vulnerable and the good trusting people of Utah.

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