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Bryan Schott, leftist content creator, makes unhinged accusations.

I don't know what's happening to Bryan Schott in his life. I don't know what he's seeing on Telegram. I don't know what letters he's getting. I do know he's making vulgar, wild, and unfounded accusations at me through direct messages on Facebook. Bryan Schott is a left wing activist currently at the Salt Fake Tribune. He's a blue anon conspiracy peddler. He constantly pushes the narrative of the establishment for the lapdog he is. He targets conservatives with hit pieces. Schott has specifically targeted Burgess Owens, the only African American congressman from Utah. He clearly has issues with race he doesn't like being called out on. He consistently targets his critics on social media and makes commentary on their posts.

I will continue to call out his far left extremist antics. I have always and will always do so publicly. I have always and will put my name to it. I have never sent any anonymous letters to Bryan Schott or anyone else. I am not super active on Telegram and rarely post there, but usually I only link interesting articles.

Bryan Schott leveling accusations at one of his most vocal critics and doing so privately in what seems to be a pathetic attempt to intimidate and silence me. He's continuing to stalk Burgess Owens and target him. Schott is clearly uncomfortable with the African-American conservative congressman and has obsessed over Owens since he announced his candidacy. Bryan Schott's work is one of unhinged left wing extremism that should be laughed at and mocked. I wish Bryan Schott the best and hope he can do better in the future.

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