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Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Garbage leftist hate rag, the Salt Fake Tribune, did a hit piece on meme makers because they labeled Caillou Cox a Commie. In it, Bryan Schott labels a Facebook group "an uniformed mob". Characteristic of the far left hack Schott is, he did not talk to any of them to find out why they would say that. Ironic that Schott would call a Facebook group an uniformed mob when it's actually an uniformed mob of sycophants he's catering to in his hit piece. I am grateful to Schott because pushing this and shilling for the oligarch installed Cox because it raises two very important questions. Is Cox a commie? Why is the far left establishment hate machine schilling for Caillou Cox?

Is Caillou Cox a commie?

Why would we ask such a thing? Obviously he isn't marching around in a Che Guevara shirt screaming "seize the means of production" despite the tropes of superficial kindergarten political science class mentioned by Schott in his twitter feed. We have to look beyond this. The far left and the communist ideologies go hand and glove. Wherever we see Marxists in the streets terrorizing, rioting, and murdering, we see democratic talking points not far off. "Defund the Police" turns into "reinvent public safety." They are in practice the same thing. The trained Marxists of BLM are the militant wing of the democratic party. When anyone goes on a college campus to speak out against this movement, the Communist terrorists Antifa are in full force to stop it, physically threatening violence. So when we see anyone regurgitating the talking points of the left, it's not unreasonable to instantiate that they are either a commie or a useful idiot for such a cause.

In Utah there is a closeted nature of leftwing extremists. These extremists operate under the auspices of Utah's Grand Ole Party. We can instantiate who these people by witnessing them spewing leftist talking points whenever the leftist hate machine sends them queues.

Spencer Cox pushed extremist talking points and even violence on Trump supporters and went so far as to tweet "I want to punch someone" when the Trump administration was trying to end human trafficking at our southern border. In this we can see Spencer Cox isn't just regurgitating the talking points of the radical left, he is the radical left. We see the world's most vulnerable suffering as a result. Children being used by slavers, emotionally manipulating the public to do it. Elected officials know this and push the open border agenda anyway. Communism at its core is mass enslavement of a nation to a few oligarchs and their toadies who want preferential treatment in such a system.

The radical left has been in a decades-long effort to do what Rudi Dutschke called "Long march through the institutions." It was an effort to impose Antonio Gramsci's Cultural Marxism on the institutional core of western societies, especially academia and

education. That long march seems to be reaching its destination when the largest public sector union (taxpayer funded) NEA had business item 39 in the annual meeting stating:

"USA's economy/social order is built on interactions between different cultures/races" and

that "To deny opportunities to teach truth about Black, Brown, and other marginalized races minimalizes the necessity for students to build efficacy."

"study that critiques empire, white supremacy, anti-Blackness, anti-Indigeneity, racism, patriarchy, cisheteropatriarchy, capitalism, ableism, anthropocentrism, and other forms of power and oppression at the intersections of our society, and that we oppose attempts to ban critical race theory and/or The 1619 Project."

That's overt communist propaganda that Mao would struggle to push. Who did the NEA donate $75,000 to? Spencer Cox. More than Bernie Sanders, more than Hillary Clinton. Clearly this is an entity with a specific goal of indoctrinating children with communist ideologies that have given Spencer Cox their seal of approval.

Why is the far left establishment hate machine schilling for Caillou Cox?

Caillou Cox has a media narrative that would make Kim Jong-un blush. Every major leftwing outlet in the nation has done a puff piece on him in the last 5 years, with the Deserleft News doing as many as one a week. Vox, Daily Kos, LA Times, CNN and I could go on. Cox fits their narrative. He likes to go on and attack fellow republicans and use the left's talking points to do it. He likes to use and mislead the world about the good people of Utah. He went live to denounce people meandering through the Capitol on January 6th, but tweeted all about reconciliation while declaring Marxists desecrated religious icons, vandalized the Utah's Capitol building, and rioted unimpeded in Salt Lake City.

Cox was called out by Tucker Carlson. It was good to see national media calling him out. Unfortunately Utah has zero conservative media establishments. No major outlets ever questioned him on issues. There has been no investigative reporting on shady actions or contradicting statements. Cox pretended to be supportive of Trump after Trump won Utah's primary, but like so many in Utah's political establishment, he WAS LYING! He didn't even try that hard at it, but he had the cover of the leftist hate mongers and played on the fears and ignorance of Never-Huntsman anti-establishment voters. Cox's media coverage is so great that Rod Decker, a man who on live TV has detailed child murders, wouldn't read Cox's tweets on air. The Leftist Media Industrial Complex loves Cox because he pushed the narrative that Trump wasn't well liked in Utah. When that became demonstrably false (Trump won the GOP primary in 2020 by a huge margin) rather than attack Trump, he attacked Trump's message. Cox joined Gadianton Romney and MSNB-Curtis in pushing the bogus narrative that universal mail in voting was safe and Trump was just a fear monger. They lied and said Utah had done it for a decade and that it was safe. THIS IS A LIE. Utah never did it in the general election before 2020 and primary elections were fraught with issues for years trying to make it work, like the narrative that Romney was popular in Utah and Trump wasn't. Romney getting boo-ed at Utah's Republican Convention exposed this narrative for the lie that it was.

Why is the left wing activist and establishment lapdog Bryan Schott rushing to the defense of Caillou Cox?

Bryan Schott is a left wing activist. All through 2020 he spent much of his time attacking

Burgess Owens. Schott was obsessing over the fact that Owens answered questions of people who follow a random 4chan thread. Did he go after any other politicians in Utah with continuous attack pieces? NO. Bryan Schott singled out the only African American running for congress in Utah. He clearly has issues with racism that he needs to deal with and no political science class will get him through that. He poses as a journalist and a commentator, however he is neither. He applies the corporate journalist narrative with cult-like fanaticism. His obsession with establishment worldview is demonstrated by assertion of his superiority on definitions because of his indoctrination having taken a political science class. In other words what woke tweenies say on Instagram "educate yourself."

"Everybody who says educate yourself in my observation is without exception the dimmest person I have seen speaking. They have no right being the dimmest person in the room telling everyone else to educate themselves. They don't mean educate yourself. They mean ``agree with me or else."

Douglas Murray

Left wing activist Brian Schott belittled them and assured everyone of his own arrogant

elitism by saying he knew better because he went to a political science class. He clearly fails to comprehend the connection between leftist policies and communist ideology movements. Schott is very sensitive. He frequently trolls through social media hitting up his critics commenting on their posts or accusing them of ad hominem attacks. He reports them and tries getting them banned. He clearly hates open political discourse. Most corporate activists do. Anyone pushing a narrative that isn't the one they subscribe to is a threat to their control of the message. Did Schott reach out to the creator or whoever posted the meme? NO. He isn't a reporter. His intent is to smear, not provide objective insight. Schott is engaging in ad hominem attacks on Spencer Cox's political opposition. Labeling people he doesn't know or listen to as "far-right" and "ignorant" The Salt Fake Tribune has a history of attacking conservatives and schilling for leftists like Spencer Cox. Did Schott raise concerns when the Salt Fake Tribune labeled Trump a Nazi? Of course not, because he wouldn't be an establishment lapdog if he was. Why would Bryan Schott and the Salt Fake Tribune go to bat for Spencer Cox? They would if he were a communist.

Spencer Cox is a donor class brat who was boosted by his daddy through multiple positions to ascend to the governor's office (after he set up a plurality that would get him there). He will continue to see patronage and protection by lapdog activists like Bryan Schott. He will also see continued puff pieces in establishment rags like Deserleft News, KSL and the Salt Fake Tribune. Is Caillou Cox a Commie? There are plenty of indications that he could be and it's clear he's definitely advancing a far left agenda consistent with goals outlined by communist ideologues. He’s not acting out of the well being of Utah Citizens, but his own. That is what communists do.

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Unknown member
Nov 02, 2021

How dare you besmirch Ober Angst Gruppenführer Spent Cox! He is a valiant servant to Marxist ideology that we all need! Reeeeeeeeeeee!!! 🤪

It is telling to see the actions, not the words, of Spent Cox. He is giddy with raising money for fringe groups, but continues to ignore the vile things happening to the very Citizens because of his "policies" and "ideologies", which he as sworn to represent. He is all aglow to push for a medical procedure that operates under Emergency Use Authorization, but has no valid long-term studies as to the adverse effects, but is the majority of reports in VAERS in less than a year of a system in use since 1990. From all appearances, …


Unknown member
Jul 14, 2021

Boy, this guy must be living rent free in your head. You're so mad you resort to name calling (and almost call him a racist).

Get a hobby, dude.

Unknown member
Jul 14, 2021
Replying to

My life before you. YOU COMPLETE ME!

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