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Deep Utah The Political hit job Part 1: The Chairman

In our wonderful little state we have something of a very dark political scandal. That involves some very wealthy elites, elected officials, and the press. The establishment clique that wanted control of Utah's GOP and assure that deplorable trump supporters didn't disrupt their agenda. When grass roots conservatives started making waves they took very calculated steps to try and remove them. Recently a $30 million dollar lawsuit has been filed as a result of those efforts. What's in it is some extremely disturbing information about those involved and the lengths they will go to in protecting their own.

The Chairman

Scott Miller didn't play the establishment schill game. He was very effective in a blue county. He worked with extremely motivated volunteers to impact elections in Utah's most liberal county. The GOP achieved a super majority on the Salt Lake County Council and even help elect a conservative on a very leftist state school board. What's been traditionally a very predictable demographic shifted to engage all sorts of people who aren't typically associated with grassroots conservative political activity. Miller's GOP was very deliberate about this and made specific efforts to include minorities, LGBTQIA+, and all manner of individuals not typically in a conservative political sphere.

Scott Miller wasn't shy about calling out the traitors in Utah GOP's own ranks. For years we've seen elements in the party pushing leftist agendas that don't represent the conservative majority in our state. Sketchy voting practices, democrat candidates in house seats, strange public resources being siphoned to private interests, pushing Soros backed agendas. This became super apparent in 2020. We saw President Trump warning the country on the dangers of universal vote by mail. Who was pushing it nationwide? The Utah GOP. The Utah Republican Party as actively using it's voice to attack President Trump and push the Biden campaign's narrative. Clearly our republican party had been compromised, but by who? This is where we saw Scott Miller shine a light for the rest of Utah to see. He named names and listed politicians and officials who talked plenty of platitudes of conservative rhetoric but were aggressively working behind the scenes to undermine conservatives at every turn.

What was the clique of elites to do? Scott Miller was getting in the way and they couldn't have that. The State GOP Chair was up for grabs and Scott Miller was the clear choice for conservatives at building an effective party geared towards routing an establishment and bringing in a diverse set of conservatives. The answer came in the party's efforts to pull in a big tent and a candid volunteer that wasn't afraid of being blunt with politicians, David Robinson. Robinson wasn't shy about calling out our now governor on some very disturbing policies aimed at children and parents. Was this why he was specifically the subject of the smear campaign against Scott Miller? They could snapshot chats and take a conversation reminiscent of 90's Herbal Essence commercial to create a scandal. Combined with a leftist hate rag, The Salt Fake Tribune, and the right timing they would go after Scott Miller. This all being a blatant effort to stop him from becoming party chair.

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