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Deep Utah The Political hit job Part 2: The Other Chairman

In our wonderful little state we have something of a very dark political scandal. That involves some very wealthy elites, elected officials, and the press. The establishment clique that wanted control of Utah's GOP and assure that deplorable trump supporters didn't disrupt their agenda. When grass roots conservatives started making waves they took very calculated steps to try and remove them. Recently a $30 million dollar lawsuit has been filed as a result of those efforts. What's in it is some extremely disturbing information about those involved and the lengths they will go to in protecting their own.

2020 the world had its eyes on the presidential election. Trump was a shoe in for Utah. Utah had its eyes on CD4, neither the democratic incumbent nor the republican challenger were a shoe in. For the first time EVER Utah was universal vote by mail in a general election, in spite of massive issues with primaries in the past. This provided the Biden campaign with the critical talking point it needed to push universal vote by mail nationwide,claiming it was a bipartisan issue. This would favor leftist candidates far more, conservatives are more likely to show up at a polling place on election day. As well as provide an opportunity for mysterious ballots needed to seat democrats in key positions, showing up when needed after counting stopped for the night in key counties across the country.

Two Very Different Chairmans

CD4 was a statewide race. What was the focus of Utah's Republican Party under chairman Derek Brown? It was shilling the Biden campaign's narrative on Universal Vote by mail. Ignore all the issues, forget election integrity, it's safe. Why? Because Utah's Never Trumper Republicans say so. That was the message coming out of the Utah Republican Party under Chairman Brown. Any pro-Trump posts that you would see in any other social media account from any other GOP of any other state? Of course not. If you want to see what I'm talking about just compare the 2020 posts of the Utah Republican Party to any other Republican Party in the country.

What was the Salt Lake County GOP doing under Scott Miller? It was focused on winning elections, what a party should do. Including Burgess Owens in CD4 which was in part in Salt Lake County. Owens was up against Ben McAdams, an establishment darling. Burgess was a problem for the left nationally and Utah's Never Trumper Romneycrat establishment. Owens would wear a MAGA hat in public. He was unapologetically conservative. He was NFL Superbowl winner. So why didn't the establishment and corporate shills do what they normally do and smear him as a racist? He's black and grew up in the south. He knows what real racism is. That made their smear job difficult. The corporate shill rags, DeserLeft News, Salt Fake Tribune, and rotten smelling Jabba the Hutts like Bryan Schott, were on the attack in full force. They were smearing Owens for even talking to people they disapproved of. They brought NFL injuries and labelled him with them. They even pushed racist caricatures in their shill rags. What didn't they do? Cover Ben McAdams and his sketchy dealings and cover ups as a public official. The corporate shills tried white washing McAdams as moderate. They tried giving McAdams the "balanced" sheep's costume that leftist wolves love to put on.

That didn't stop the Salt County GOP under Scott Miller from calling it out. The Salt Lake County GOP Facebook page was posting videos that called out McAdams and his sketchy backers. The videos' included allegations that

  • McAdams did a sketchy land swap with developer campaign donors as Mayor of Salt Lake County

  • McAdams did it behind closed doors violating the open meetings rules

  • In order to absolve himself of committing any wrongdoing McAdams hired Zions Bank to investigate him at taxpayers expense

  • A Zions Bank employee wouldn't sign off on the investigation absolving Ben McAdams

  • Scott Anderson, at Zions Bank, pressured the employee to participate in cover up

This is all well and interesting. Who worked behind the scenes to get the video taken down? GOP Chairman Derek Brown. The lawsuit exposes how Derek Brown pressured Scott Miller to take down the video calling out Ben McAdams. DEREK BROWN WAS PROTECTING BEN MCADAMS!!! Derek Brown was a lobbyist and still is. He needs the business. He didn't want to upset the apple cart. He flexed his muscle in an effort to silence the Salt Lake County GOP and push a democrat in one of Utah's congressional seats.

Establishment republicans in Utah hate conservatives and are working to push leftist agendas at every turn. What did Derek Brown do when Scott Miller wouldn't back down? He joined the leftist media and militant Never Trumper Aimee Winder Newton to take to the airwaves and push the narrative that Scott Miller needed to resign. Why? Because he didn't do enough to stop Dave Robinson, a volunteer, from mocking bad political communications with the content from an Herbal Essence commercial. Derek Brown went further to say he was being attacked by Miller and Robinson, but he didn't say how. Never-Trumper establishment thug, Aimee Winder Newton, went so far as to demand that anyone who didn't subscribe to her narrative on the County GOP's supervising committee be "excused and dismissed" The arrogant Maoist attitude typical of the left was on full display. Newton's narrative had issues. She stated that she had waited to come forward with information about the accusations. Waited for what? Did she sit on this attack or even conjure it up to go after Scott Miller? Was it an effort to stop Scott Miller from being the State GOP Chair?

It wouldn't be good for the Never Trumper RINO clique if Scott Miller was running the state party. They had a set of people they wanted to install in key positions in the party. Scott Miller was an obvious shoe-in for conservatives to pick. Stewart Peay took to national media to contradict Trump on Universal Vote by Mail and shilled the lie about integrity issues. Peay was endorsed by the establishment RINO class for State Party Chair. Austin Cox who was up for co-chair had helped flip a state seat blue and worked on Never Trumper Cox's gubernatorial race. Newton was clearly on the attack and her agenda was becoming more and more transparent…

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It is amazing to me that so many people fall for it. It has a lot to do with wanting to be a part of the “inner circle.” I could say so much more….


Jason Preston
Jason Preston
Nov 22, 2021

The corruption in Utah is Almost unbelievable. I find it sad that such a ”conservative“ state can be so deeply corrupt.

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