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Updated: Jun 26, 2021

We have information that would lead us to conclude that they did. Defective covid tests were pushed on Utah by a company that the governor's office bought with closed door no-bid contracts. 2,337 people in Utah have died from the Chinese bio-weapon and were put at risk by defective testing in the state. The company, Co-Diagnostics, knew the tests were defective and executives dumped their stock. Did State Auditor John Dougall try to cover it up? Dougall did an audit of Spencer Cox's sketchy no bid contracts and turned up nothing. Not because there wasn't anything there, because clearly there was. It was either because he was incompetent or he was colluding with them.

The Salt Fake Tribune published an article on, June 17, 2021 titled, "‘Important and disturbing:’ Utah leaders surprised by SEC investigation of coronavirus tests" Buried in the details are some very disturbing facts about Governor Cox, Senator Romney and while not mentioned, State Auditor John Dougall. The article was typical of the Salt Fake Tribune obfuscating the obvious questions and providing political cover for it's far left allies in the state. We've seen similar garbage journalism from the leftist hate rag when they want to attack conservatives. Usually with a flamboyant headline but then go on to bury any exonerating information multiple pages deep into the article. In this case they failed to bring up some very obvious questions in their reporting.

We know these tests were bad and the company was working with Governor Cox and Senator Romney to profit from the pandemic. These tests didn't have approvals needed to be used, so they went through alternative labs, used political connections to push for FDA approvals. Serious questions were raised about how these tests came to be used and where the tests came from (most likely China). When the results of the test came in the results varied widely from other tests that had more established approvals and didn't rely on political pressure to get approvals.

We know people died. How many died as a result of being exposed to the virus because of faulty tests? Tests were given to people who were working with at-risk populations. Doctors, Nurses, Patients, people at risk were exposed and died. People at risk were exposed because of faulty tests. We don't know how many, but we know it wasn't zero. Multiple people in this state have been charged with violating health orders for events that had less exposure than this. Events were cancelled by public officials because people were going to die if they happened. We know people did die. We know people were unnecessarily exposed as a result of these bad tests.

We know those tests were pushed by Romney and Cox. Cox led the Corona Task force that established invitation only no bid contracts with little or no transparency. This included TestUtah and the Co-Diagnostics. This was done under the auspices of the state of emergency called by the governor. This was an abuse of power and clearly we are seeing other motivations than saving lives in the pandemic. This is blatant pandemic profiteering by the Silicon Slopes oligarchs running Governor Cox.

"Co-Diagnostics’ stock price leaped from $.88 a share in early 2020 to nearly $30 within six months of the start of the pandemic. And its revenue skyrocketed — from $214,974 in 2019 to $74.5 million in 2020, an increase of almost 35,000%."

“Unlike many securities fraud cases, the Co-Diagnostics fraud is blunt and simple to understand,” the Gelt lawsuit asserts.

Romney's office was active in pressuring the FDA to approve the faulty tests. We know this because we have emails saying they did just that. An unsigned blog came out by Silicon Slopes in May prior to the article being published. That described the TestUtah as "nothing short of breathtaking." The only thing that's breathtaking is the arrogance on display by these oligarchs that used taxpayer money to push government contracts for bad tests that likely got people killed.

We know Dougall did an audit and none of this came out. He's either incompetent or complicit. Nothing in Dougall's audit revealed the existence of faulty testing, though it's clear that was there. That the bad tests were pushed by Cox. That the bad tests got FDA Approval only after continued pressure was applied by Senator Romney's office. Dougall's garbage of an audit came at a time when speculation was high that Jon Huntsman was going to do a write in campaign for governor. If it had come out then a challenge to Cox's bid for Governor would have been more likely. It's not unreasonable to assume that Dougall was colluding with Cox and Romney. Dougall is an avowed Never-Trumper and part of an establishment clique that's notorious for looking out for itself. Jon Huntsman was Trump's ambassador to Russia and trusted foreign policy advisor. Huntsman might be seen as an establishment figure but he was never part of Utah's Romney/Never-Trumper establishment clique. Either way Dougall should resign or be removed from office. John Dougall is a fraud and a liar.

This was a pandemic profiteering scheme that bypassed any oversight and cost people their lives. They pushed bad tests on vulnerable Utahns, this happened and inflated the stock price of what would otherwise be a worthless company. THEY LIED, PEOPLE DIED, PEOPLE GOT RICH, THEY USED GOVERNMENT AND A STATE OF EMERGENCY TO DO IT! Cox did this. Romney did this. How can we trust Governor Cox? WE CAN'T! How can we trust Senator Romney? WE CAN'T! How can we trust State Auditor Dougall? WE CAN'T! The most powerful killing machine in human history is being applied to the people of Utah, government. They are doing this for money and power. No regard for people's lives. No regard to the United States Constitution. They should be removed from office immediately. They belong in prison.

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This site is absolute garbage. Nothing more than far-right GOP talking points shilling for Republicans who LOST the election. This is just a very stupid person trying to pretend they're smart and pushing discredited false narratives. I regret ever stumbling on this idiocy.

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There are many of us waking up to "the good ol' boy" system that has been running Utah for years now! Rino Romney on down! Still haven't found one person that voted for him. Cox was put in bc ... he's a local(Sanpete County) good ol' farm boy! He's establishment through and through! The problem in Utah is most are too trusting of a certain religious belief! And, yes, I am one of those...but I do my homework! I appreciate this site and what David Crandall adds! We need more like him! STAND UP UTAH AND SPEAK OUT! Don't be a Never Trumper just because you don't like him as a person! Research what he DID for this country! N…

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