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Far Left Media Group Caught Inflating DeSantis Endorsements

Far Left ABC4 media outlet is caught lying about how well Governor DeSantis, Trump's main challenger in the GOP Presidential Primary, is doing in Utah. ABC4 is a far left media content creator in Utah, known nationwide for trying to get a paramedic fired for donating $10 to Kyle Rittenhouse's legal defense. The leftist media group posted an article on their website conflating elected officials who called on DeSantis to form an exploratory committee to run for President with an endorsement. This would be consistent with the extremist efforts of the media group to discredit conservatives and make Trump look less popular in Utah than he really is. The article titled "Utah politicians rush to endorse DeSantis during Salt Lake City visit — who’s on the list?" when the reality is the "rush" is actually a slow trickle compared of 14 of the 86 elected officials calling on him to form an exploratory committee.

The article states

"Among other known Utah endorsers — either from this week or previously — are:"

then proceeds to list ....

State Auditor John Dougall

State Rep. Melissa Garff Ballard

State Rep. Kera Birkeland

State Rep. Brady Brammer

State Rep. Walt Brooks

State Rep. Jefferson Burton

State Rep. Kay Christofferson

State Rep. Paul Cutler

State Rep. Dan Johnson

State Rep. Timothy Hawkes

State Rep. Jon Hawkins

State Rep. Stephanie Gricius

State Rep. Ken Ivory

State Rep. Marsha Judkins

State Rep. Karianne Lisonbee

State Rep. Jefferson Moss

State Rep. Karen M. Peterson

State Rep. Candice Pierucci

State Rep. Susan Pulsipher

State Rep. Mike Schultz

State Rep. Casey Snider

State Rep. Robert Spendlove

State Rep. Keven Stratton

State Rep. Jeff Stenquist

State Rep. Jordan Teuscher

State Rep. Raymond Ward

State Rep. Christine Watkins

State Rep. Doug Welton

State Rep. Ryan Wilcox

State Sen. Jake Anderegg

State Sen. Curt Bramble

State Sen. Kirk Cullimore, Jr.

State Sen. Lincoln Fillmore

State Sen. Mike Kennedy

State Sen. Daniel McCray

State Sen. Mike McKell

State Sen. Derrin Owens

State Sen. Scott Sandall

State Sen. Evan Vickers

State Sen. Todd Weiler

Seems like a long list, because they are lying. The list is actually:

Senate President Stuart Adams

Sen. Todd Weiler

Sen. Jacob "Jake" Anderegg

Senate Majority Leader Evan Vickers

Rep. Brady Brammer

Rep. Candice Pierucci

Rep. Christine Watkins

Rep. Dan Johnson

Rep. Jordan Teuscher

Rep. Raymond Ward

Rep. Stephanie Gricius

Rep. Karen Peterson

Rep. Melissa Garff Ballard

This is consistent with the attempted manipulation by the far left media, ABC4. It's left for us to discern if this is gross incompetence or intentional lies by the already discredited media group.

The author of the article Scott Lewis has been contacted and his response pending.

Bogus report from the leftist hate group ABC4:

Actual trickle of Utah endorsements of DeSantis:

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