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May 1, 2021 West Valley City, Utah

Utah Republican Convention

The Never Trumper establishment made a slate for party leadership. A handpicked set of establishment cronies to further the establishment's goals of turning Utah blue. The biggest Never Trumper in the country Spencer Cox goes on record with the most disgusting McMullin pusher Aimee Winder Newton pushing these barbarians through the gates. The agenda to move the party to accept chemically castrating children, men competing in women's sports, racist doctrines of left wing racial policies, killing pro life bills, eliminating school choice and pushing Gadianton Romney up for re-election. All using the republican party to do it.

A young man from Sanpete County had enough. He supported President Trump, he wanted an America, a Utah, that would afford the same opportunities previous generations. He wanted to preserve the sacred liberty passed on by our forefathers. He stepped up. He put his name in. He came to the republican party convention. He ran for state chair against Team Romneycrat. He spoke for hours one on one with delegates. He made his case.

The time came for the politicians speak. The establishment kingpin Governor Cox got up and lectured delegates, who were volunteering their time as delegates and in the state with the most volunteer hours of any state, that they didn't volunteer enough. About how people didn't like him and they were bad for doing so. Hurriedly pontificating his outright arrogance, consistent with his leftist anti-american tweets. That Governor Cox deleted in an attempt to lie to the people of Utah about who he was. Then his backer, Soros Junior, Senator Romney got up to speak. Romney was booed off stage. Later the candidates came up for the various party offices. Austin Cox introduced by the establishment thug Aimee Winder Newton. Eventually candidates for chair came up. After multiple rounds of voting the two were left. Establishment pick Stewart Peay was up to further advance the Romneycrat agenda and provide cover for the leftist push in Utah's GOP. The other the young man from Sanpete who had enough and stepped up to do something about it. The final round of voting happened. The victor, the young man from Sanpete County. His name CARSON JORGENSEN

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