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I was right about Greg Hughes

The election primary is happening now and like many in the beehive state I'm extremely frustrated with the direction our state and nation is going. The far left is eviscerating the American dream, as is their objective, and state leadership is firmly escorting Utah the way of California. Our schools have openly declared war on God, family, and love of country. The states cultural Marxist department is openly pushing social agendas that would have been unthinkable not too long ago. Utah's regime media is giving the Cox administration treatment that would make Kim Jong Um blush. Through all this I'm seeing something interesting this primary season. Candidates are bending over backwards to be seen with Greg Hughes. Mike Lee led a video ad with Mr Speaker. Sheriff Mike Smith was introduced by Greg Hughes at the Utah County GOP Convention and easily won the nomination. Chris Herrod was introduced by him at the state GOP Convention and beat stealth RINO John Curtis. A scroll through social media on candidates pages often shows a celebrity vanity picture with Greg Hughes. He's actively sought for speaking engagements at religious, political, and social events.

Greg Hughes is taking to the airwaves and leads on the most critical issues. Greg Hughes is the conservative thought leader in the state, providing best in class insights he's uniquely gifted to provide.

Who am I not seeing in this primary election cycle? Spencer Cox didn't dare attend any Republican conventions in the state. Jon Huntsman hasn't been seen next to any candidate in Utah since 2020. Thomas Wright moderated a debate for Utah's far left debate commission. Aimee Winder Newton has utterly embarrassed herself by pushing an unending contradicting positions since 2020. AWN is currently involved in multiple lawsuits against the state for the establishment thuggery she led out on. With the exception of Aimee Winder Newton and establishment pick Ally Isom, Greg Hughes is the only one from the 2020 governor's race candidates want to be seen with.

I echo Rush Limbaugh when I say "See I told you so" I was right about Greg Hughes. He's instantiated ever since the confidence I had him in 2020. While I feel the rest of the state eventually caught up. I don't think they needed two years to do it. Our current primary cycle favors the establishment in every way. Between convention and the time ballots are mail recklessly mailed out to every name and address on a voter roll, there's a little over a month for candidates to get out and make their case. That's not enough time. Most Utahns are busy with family and work. They might catch a mailer, a rumour or a hit piece, but they won't get the full story. Our primaries need to be extended and not cut short by a month with Utah's national embarrassment of universal vote by mail. Let's move our primaries to August. That allows for plenty of time in general election for the parties to make their case. Let's have same day primaries and in person voting. What's in place today doesn't allow the necessary information and conversations to take place for a vote that reflects the voter. Too many primary voters have too much buyers remorse. The frustrations with our state will only get worse and more extreme until we have reformed our primary process.

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