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Is Romney a Russian Agent?

“Tulsi Gabbard is parroting false Russian propaganda. Her treasonous lies may well cost lives.”

Mitt Romney

Romney is taking extreme measures and statements to ensure three things. One pandemic protocol remains in place as long as possible. Two that Russian forces obtain any biolabs in Ukraine. Three that the conflict in Ukraine be as protracted as possible. We could casually look at Romney’s public statements and actions and attribute those to the average low information CNN viewer. However Romney's efforts to extend totalitarian COVID protocols and deny the existence of biolabs with deadly pathogens in Ukraine is consistent with something extremely grotesque. We need to ask the question; Is Romney acting out of self interest to advance policies that directly benefit himself or his backers? Are those backers in part in Moscow?

The New York Times has recently admitted the obvious that Hunter’s Laptop, which contains some of the most alarming breaches in national security and corruption in our nation’s history, is in fact genuine. I see no public comment from Romney or any calls for hearings or special investigations. This is odd because Romney voted to impeach a sitting president, because he dared suggest that the blatant corruption be looked into.

Romney’s most recent smear of Tulsi Gabbard as “treasonous” and “spreading Russian disinformation” is more than a political slight, it’s dangerous. Most especially because we have seen this before. Members in the Biden White House have declared Hunter’s Laptop Russian disinformation despite the obvious that not being the case.

Trump was smeared by Hillary Clinton as a Russian agent. The horrifying and grotesque reality sets in when you realize Hillary Clinton herself was acting at the behest of the Russians with nothing short of giving them materials needed to advance their nuclear weapons modernization. Brennan (a literal communist) covered up the fact Russia wanted Hillary as president. Then went on to advance a bogus psyop of Russian collusion. Hillary also smeared Gabbard as a Russian asset when Gabbard called out Kamala for her corruption, hypocrisy, and abuses as California's Attorney General. Is Romney acting at the behest of the Russian government as Hillary did when she sold our nation’s Uranium to Putin? He’s parroting the exact accusations.

The United States funded a bioweapons lab in Wuhan, China. The Chinese government has directly led to the deaths of more Americans in both the second half of the 20th century and 21st century to date. So is it far fetched to say that there are US funded bio labs in Ukraine? Is it Russian propaganda? No. In fact we have state department official Victoria Nuland, on record about it. Victoria Nuland wasn't asked about bio labs when she responded, she was asked about bio weapons. What she said was remarkably similar to what Tulsi Gabbard would call for later.

So why is Romney smearing Gabbard for calling for actions to secure the biolabs with extremely dangerous biological agents? Is it because he wants to help Putin spread more bioweapon attacks on the world and further weaken the west all for financial gain? Romney benefits from both a protracted conflict in Ukraine and bio weapons being unleashed. He clearly has an interest in seeing both. He's doing everything possible to advance each.

Romney sided with the democrats on the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions and voted no to lifting jab and mask mandates in the Head Start Program. He was the only Republican to do so. Romney also was the only republican to vote no on lifting mask restrictions on public transit. Something eight democratic senators voted for. He didn’t even show up for a vote on an amendment to defund vaccine mandates. He’s wanting COVID to go on as long as possible and he has reason to do so. The pandemic has advanced him and his allies both financially and politically.

Romney, a day before taking office as Utah’s junior senator, did an op-ed in the Washington Post that’s owned by Jeff Bezos. More than anyone in history Bezos has seen his wealth grow since March of 2020. Romney's office pressured the FDA for emergency approval for the now infamous Test Utah pump and dump scheme. In which no bid contracts were used to buy junk tests with sketchy lab results that saw Co-Diagnostics stock go up almost 35,000%. The tests didn't work. This resulted in COVID exposures to the most vulnerable populations dependent on others for care. We can't say how many people died as a direct result, but know the number isn't zero. This is killing people for money. I’ve seen no apologies or efforts to make amends to the people that died as a result of these defective tests. I don’t know the specifics of Romney’s portfolio, but it’s not a stretch that he may have plenty of interest in the pandemic stocks that have enriched a select few. His allies and backers certainly do.

The pandemic enabled Romney politically. Romney and political allies pushed universal vote by mail every way they knew how. This was done under the auspices of need because of a pandemic. Universal vote by mail not only favors the most leftist candidate, contrary to the bogus studies by the Sutherland Institute indicating otherwise, but enables massive voter fraud and ballot stuffing. This the primary means of ousting Trump, whom Romney psychotically hates.

Romney and the establishment class he represents ousted a president and engaged in egregious profiteering as the result of the pandemic. Romney stands to gain both financially and politically from continued COVID protocols. If Russia were to access the biolabs Gabbard is seeking to protect, this could be a means of keeping the COVID restrictions in place.

Romney clearly benefits from dangerous bioweapons being unleashed by Russia. He’s clearly lying about Tulsi Gabbard and her statements. Everything he is doing is remarkably consistent with this statement:

Mitt Romney is parroting false Russian propaganda. His treasonous lies may well cost lives.

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