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John Dougall and Treason

"My duty is to defend the US Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic, not to defend any specific individual. Trump is seditious and treasonous. He needs to resign or be officially removed from office. Let there be no doubt of my opinion.." John Dougall Utah State Auditor January 6, 2021

John Dougall is best known for leading some mediocre tax cuts during the Huntsman administration. If you’re a delegate in the Utah GOP and active on facebook, you’re likely facebook friends. John Dougall is very active on the platform and typically responsive to anyone that mentions him. He frequently posts articles for MSM sources about a whole range of topics. What’s missing? Any alternative conservative voices in regards to current events. It speaks to his worldview.

Many upset are shocked and confused by John Dougall's statement. I'm not shocked in the least. He's parroting what low information CNN viewers do. Dougall characteristic of elected officials in this state claiming to be conservatives while constantly regurgitating hateful and bitter leftist MSM. Dougall's accusations of treason come as an about face typical of the GOP establishment in this state. Since 2016 they lie and obfuscate about where they stand with our President until the election is over. They then proceed to stab President Trump sewing machine style. Romney claimed to support the president in 2018 during his primary. Then as soon as he took office he unequivocally attacked President Trump. Did Romney do this in the St George News during his Senate primary? Of course not. He did it in the far left Washington Post the day before he was sworn in. Did John Dougall come out with his accusations of treason during his primary campaign for lieutenant governor with Aimee Winder Newton? Of course not. He waited till a blatantly bogus narrative was being pushed by the MSM. Then echo-ed it. This is John Dougall like Willard Romney, like Spencer Cox, like Aimee Winder Newton, being dishonest in his dealings with his fellow man.

Dougall never expressed such concerns of treason or sedition when the Obama administration illegally spied on Trump. Dougall never expressed concerns of treason or sedition when the FBI targeted Flynn and Stone. Did he call treason when the supreme court was stormed by protesters over Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination. Did he call out Antifa burning down America with support and blessing of the MSM? He never raised concerns about treason when Hunter's laptop came out, from which we know Biden was selling his seat directly to the CCP. He never raised concerns when four ballot drops across four states between 4 am and 6 am flipped the election for Biden, in a statistically impossible outcome. Dougall went on to push that Trump should have acted faster to put down the “insurrection.” “The insurrection” where we can clearly see Capitol Police letting protesters into the building. Has to be one of the lamest insurrections in history. I can honestly say I’ve been in mosh pits with way more intensity. Did he discuss with people who witnessed the event first hand? Does he have some inside information the rest of us don’t? Where was Dougall when Gary Herbert let declared insurrectionists desecrate our state Capitol? Did he call Governor Herbert treasonous and seditious for letting it happen and catering to the far left BLM narrative?

Dougall opined about how Trump should have pursued legal action before the election not now, but Trump did and extensively. Then again how would Dougall know this? He wouldn't, because CNN wouldn't report on it. Dougall is too busy spewing superficial articles from the WSJ about Georgia recounts that reinforce an establishment narrative that assures all of us "don't let your lying eyes deceive you" In a desperate and sick attempt to be liked by political elites Dougall goes on with leftist sycophant and world class neckbeard Ben Winslow to further ingratiate himself with a ruling class. It's simple he wants to eat at the cool kids lunch table where Trump supporters are never allowed.

What's particularly sickening of Dougall's incendiary leftist hate speech is what Trump has done for this state. Trump has done more than any President since Millard Fillmore to reign in on Federal overreach in this state. Does Dougall care? While Dougall is driving his electric car between the capital and his home in Alpine he lives in total ignorance of oppression of rural America by the Federal Government. While reading the Constitution maybe Dougall should read about what type of property is legal for the Federal government to own. Since he's so committed to "defending the Constitution"

In John Dougall we can see how Utahns are duped by someone who is nice rather than honest. Nice to a ruling class in this state. Nice to a Governor elect who's Coronavirus task force gave lucrative no-bid contracts to campaign contributors, who illegally and unconstitutionally allowed our constitutional rights to be stripped away by local governments. He's not nice to a President who stuck his neck out repeatedly to this state. Not willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. John Dougall doesn't care about anything that would contradict the MSM narrative on this President. He never effectively addresses any of it. If he gave even the slightest consideration dissent on the narrative that President Trump was a traitor he would be banned on social media. Dougall calling Trump, a sitting President, "treasonous" and "seditious" is more than dishonesty. It is treasonous and seditious.

Let me be clear....

My duty is to defend the US Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic, not to defend any specific individual. John Dougall is seditious and treasonous. He needs to resign or be officially removed from office. Let there be no doubt of my opinion.

Demand his resignation

Office of the State Auditor

Phone 801-538-1025

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