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KLEPTO-CARBON-CONTROL Utah's Eco-Fascists Reveal Themselves

The far left uses gullible and spineless republicans to advance extremist agendas and rebrand them as non-partisan. The "common ground" and "reach across the aisle'' feel good narratives are pushed. As well as "non-partisan" groups are established, and people sing kumbaya. Evil agendas that destroy lives and liberty win the day. We saw this in 2020 and the ballot stuffing tied to mail in voting. This month we saw republican leaders in the state attach their names to a very disturbing klepto-carbon-control piece in the Deserleft News.

Throughout the year of 2020 we saw a battle over election integrity. One side pushing universal mail-in voting. Mass mailing unsolicited ballots to every voter that is registered, no chain of custody, no ID, just a sketchy narrative about signature verification that's more akin to permission slip on a field trip. The story was pushed by the left and the Romneycrat NeverTrumpers. "It's safe Utah has been doing it for a decade" "Utah does it right" John Curtis attacked President Trump tweeting.

This is a lie! Utah never before 2020 did universal vote by mail in a general election. We didn't have a history of successful mail-in primary elections either. Quite the opposite, wrong ballots going in primaries, no signature placement on mailed ballots, ballots going to dead people, ballots going to relatives, ballots going to old addresses, ballots going to minors. Utah has a history of just how bad elections in primaries with mailing unsolicited mail in ballots. Amelia Gardner, listed in Curtis' tweet, never presided over a presidential election and was elected in 2018. Curtis was going out of his way to attack President Trump as he has done on numerous occasions and directed the narrative to be "non-partisan"

Utah was used as an example nationwide to characterize the ballot stuffing scheme as "non-partisan". All over the country in blue counties in swing states we saw ballots appear out of thin air between 2 AM and 4 AM that were marked just the right way to swing the election results in Joe Biden's favor. For this you should look to the so called republicans in Utah pushing the mail-in voting nationwide. Elected officials in Utah are continuing to push Soros backed election rigging scheme of Ranked Choice Voting. A system designed to change the outcome of an election when they don't like the results. Republicans have lost all three branches of the federal government with efforts by the left to cement permanent control. Democrats working to create more states with Washington DC and Puerto Rico. This stacks the Senate, the House of Representatives and the Electoral College for them. Biden has created a commission to add supreme court justices and install left wing activists that don't care about your constitutional rights. This is what happens when Republicans regurgitate leftist talking points, it's weaponized to destroy them and the rest of us in the process.

Conservatives have had a clear delineation of the climate alarmism narrative pushed by eco extremists in the last two republican administrations. George W. Bush and Donald Trump rejected it completely, but not the 2012 GOP nominee for president Mitt Romney. Though the establishment in the GOP hated it, we had a party that had our back. Unfortunately we are seeing a push in Utah to take that away. The Deserleft News on June 4, 2021 in it's opinion section published a piece with this title "Republicans need to engage in climate politics" It wasn't so much an op-ed as it was a manifesto. Contained in it were some of the most egregious and outrageous statements I've ever seen republicans associated with.

"Conservation and stewardship of the natural environment are core Republican values, but for too long we have left these topics to others."

False, Republicans have led the charge on actual environmental causes and not convoluted them with carbon control schemes. It's the democrats that have obfuscated the narrative to fit an elitist agenda to buy and sell carbon credits at the expense of everyone else. Don't let the truth get in the way of this klepto-carbon-control and by all means regurgitate the left wing extremist talking points on the subject used to vilify conservatives. This line is an attack on every legitimate effort by republicans to be good stewards of the environment.

"We support a carbon dividends approach that puts a fee on carbon emissions and returns all the money to the American people in dividend checks"

Note the Gadianton sophistry here calling a carbon tax a fee. A "fee" on carbon is a tax on everything you consume and need to exist, linking it to an income redistribution scheme doesn't make it better, it makes it Marxist. It's an income redistribution scheme and a bad one at that. "We're going to tax you and make everything more expensive, but trust us we're going to send you a check." We've seen the government handing out checks recently and how much they give the american people. We've seen how much they use as a slush fund for their crony pals.

"They can make those decisions for themselves once the cost of pollution is priced into the products."

Your car, your food, your air conditioner, your house, everything that improves your quality of life is under attack and will have a "fee" or a massive consumption tax placed on it and it's production so you have to pay a higher price to advance the carbon reduction agenda. Want a steak dinner, too bad you've just been priced out of it. Want a nice car, too bad you've just been priced out of it. Want a nice home, too bad you've just been priced out of it.

"a predictable carbon fee is better"

In other words "Our carbon tax is the least awful thing being proposed." What's better than a carbon fee to advance the klepto carbon agenda that they were caught rigging the numbers on for YEARS? NO CARBON FEE!!! IT DOES NOTHING to reduce carbon emissions other than reducing peoples' quality of life.

"It’s time for us to rise to the challenge and offer solutions that drive growth and cut emissions without handing more power to Washington."

This is a lie. The AFDC is headquartered in Washington. It's well funded by some very sleazy crony groups feeding off of corporate welfare and fear mongering.

Americans for Carbon Dividends

1900 M Street NW

Suite 825

Washington, DC 20036

The climate alarmists were caught back in 2011 rigging data to fit their narrative. Rush Limbaugh described militant environmentalists as watermelons because they were green on the outside and red on the inside. He was right.

The climate alarmists pushing these schemes are dangerous. They have a totalitarian agenda to control everything about people's quality of life. If you dare question them, you're a "climate denier" and have to be shut down. Any academics that question it lose grant money. Freeman Dyson before his death in 2020 was adamant about how bad that data was, the group think and fear associated with challenging this agenda in academia.

Like Hitler and Mao this is Malthusian. At the heart of the narrative is one that pushed the debunked notion of overpopulation. A myth that keeps getting repeated. The klepto-carbon-control agenda at its core pushes a Malthusian idea and is explicit in it's calls for curtailing the amount of people on earth.

The climate alarmists are kleptocrats. Cap and trade has been debunked at having any impact on effectively reducing their precious carbon numbers. It raises the cost of everything especially on those to who can least afford it and creates an artificial commodity that wealthy leveraged elitists can sell back to anyone trying to create products and services. This war on the poorest people on the planet is killing people's ability to make a decent life for themselves.

The climate alarmists are a threat to national security. We are in an economic war with the Communist Party controlling China. Yet at every turn efforts are being made to bankrupt the middle class and increase America's dependence on CCP controlled goods. Domestic extraction of the rare earth minerals necessary for electronics and electric vehicles have been locked up by eco-extremists. Our industrial base has been gutted with lopsided trade agreements. Our means of production has been emaciated to the point where in the recent pandemic the United States was completely dependent on the same Communist regime that unleashed the bioweapon in the first place. The establishment interests are blinded by the financial benefits to see the long term threat we are faced with. When President Trump tried showing up for the economic war we are engaged in, the wailing and gnashing of teeth started. 100% negative media coverage from the establishment press, including the Deserleft News. What will be the kinetic consequences of the CCP's influence operations spanning decades?

The Carbon Control Trap is the most most sinister agenda being advanced on the world stage. It's not about helping the environment, it's about control. The manifesto in the Deserleft News had these names attached to it.

Sen. Jacob Anderegg (Lehi, SD13), Rep. Kera Birkeland (Morgan, HD53), 2020 gubernatorial candidate Jeff Burningham (Provo), Sen. Curt Bramble (Provo, SD16), Sen. Kirk Cullimore (Sandy, SD9), former Rep. Becky Edwards (North Salt Lake, HD20), Rep. Joel Ferry (Brigham City, HD1), former Rep. Brian Greene (Pleasant Grove, HD57), Rep. Craig Hall (West Valley City, HD33), Rep. Steve Handy (Layton, HD16), former Rep. Fred Hunsaker (Logan, HD4), Rep. Dan Johnson (Logan, HD4), Sen. John Johnson (Ogden, SD19), 2016 gubernatorial candidate Jonathan Johnson (Holladay), Rep. Marsha Judkins (Provo, HD61), Rep. Robert Spendlove (Sandy, HD49), Rep. Jeff Stenquist (Draper, HD51), Rep. Jordan Teuscher (South Jordan, HD42), Rep. Steve Waldrip (Eden, HD8), Rep. Ray Ward (Bountiful, HD19), Rep. Ryan Wilcox (Ogden, HD7), former Rep. and Commissioner of Agriculture Logan Wilde (Croydon, HD53), Rep. Mike Winder (West Valley City, HD30), Chris Wilson (Logan, SD25), Rep. Melissa G. Ballard (North Salt Lake, HD20)

Some of the names on here are of no surprise. Jacob Anderegg who pushed McMullin in 2016 and effectively worked to split Utah to go blue and get Hillary Clinton elected. Aimee Winder Newton's creepy never-Trumper brother Mike Winder who's also pushing Ranked Choice Voting. Becky Edwards who is trying to primary Mike Lee. Some of the names on this are upsetting. Brian Greene, a libertarian folk hero in this state. Greene had a reputation for calling out civil asset forfeiture and unintended consequences of legislation. John Johnson who was recently elected to that state senate. Johnson hasn't been shy about calling out repressive tolerance narratives of the left. Kera Birkeland who took a stand on women's sports but was crushed by Utah's oligarchs running Spencer Cox. Jeff Burningham ran a primary campaign for Governor claiming to support Trump and opposition to food taxes. This is the second thing we've seen Burningham do a 180 on since coming in fifth at the GOP convention.

Whether through ignorance or malice the outcome is the same. I can't tell you why they put their names on this. These aren't junior high students. These are adults, many of them elected officials, who should be well versed on both sides of this as well as the frauds used to perpetuate it. They don't get to play the ignorance card. I'm inclined to take it at face value that they are drinking the klepto-carbon-control kool aid. They could be true believers in this agenda. Hard to digest given I don't see a lot of movement from them pushing things that would actually reduce carbon numbers and improve people's quality of life such as nuclear power and GMO's. I don't see a huge push to advance the mining interests needed to produce the raw materials necessary for all these "green technologies'' which Utah has. The case might be made that this isn't the extreme agenda pushed by AOC and others. The fundamental premise is the same and it has nothing to do with protecting the environment. When Republicans regurgitate the left's talking points we all pay the price. These individuals who put their names to this can no longer be trusted at the levers of government. We need to take back the Grand Ole Party and make it the vehicle used to preserve and advance our liberty and quality of life, not destroy it. Climate Change isn't an existential threat to the species, but eco-facism is.

Like election integrity we can't give them an inch or we will lose everything. Utah was used as a talking point to advance the biggest election fraud in human history. Don't let Utah be used to advance the most dangerous totalitarian threat mankind has ever faced.

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