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Leftist Henchmen Dispatched to Keep the Woke Flag?

Updated: May 2, 2023

Recently, a political hit piece evoked QAnon to attack an effort to undo the Power Ranger vomit that was recently made Utah's state flag. The flag was sold as an aesthetic effort to promote economy of line and vexillological norms recently pulled out of a hat. However, the flag was an effort by disingenuous and contentious state senator Dan McCay and a far-left extremist hate group, Flags for Good, to promote a woke political agenda and present a Utah that falls well within the worldview of the Never Trumper political class. Recently, leftist henchman Matthew Chapman, in what is presumably an effort to do the bidding of woke culture, went far out and pushed the leftist conspiracy theory of QAnon, a cryptic 4chan thread that only MSNBC viewers have ever heard of. Chapman tries to associate the leftist make-believe that every Trump supporter is a QAnon following boogeyman. In reality, most grassroots conservatives have never heard of QAnon or 4chan outside of the political hit pieces they see from the likes of Chapman and Bryan Schott.

The plain reality is that these hit pieces say far more about the woke Power Ranger vomit of a flag being pushed on Utah than the far-left conspiracy of QAnon followers getting messages out of a cryptic 4chan thread. Unlike most of the far-left-wing extremist garbage coming out of Utah's Capitol Hill, outlawing mugshots and far-left bail reform, the flag changing is something everyone can see. The traditional flag being crassly and disrespectfully labeled by legislators as an SOB (seal on a bedsheet) exposes the contempt these elected representatives have for their constituents. They can't hide the gimmicky marketing graphic in place of what was once a state flag. They openly and knowingly lied about the flag, saying that there was a competition with thousands of submissions only to see the end result being the flag designed by purveyors of the initiative in the first place. The vexillological norms touted on lame TED talks were a mask by leftists to rid themselves of Pioneer references on our state flag. This was clear when the statements were touted as "a flag for everyone," a leftist dog whistle signaling our old state flag was an affront to the woke mob. Is the American flag not a flag for everyone because of the thirteen stripes? Do we remove any references to anything that doesn't fall into the superficial worldview of woke extremists? We do in Utah; get ready. Today, the flag; tomorrow, what else? Any opposition to the state flag change was treated with extreme contempt, especially by the contentious state Senator Dan McCay, who went on to label Dalin Oaks' grandson a Nazi for wanting to keep Utah's flag. Now, the lies and Power Ranger vomit of a flag are on full display. The leftist henchmen are in full swing in an effort to scare people into compliance. Using buzzwords like "QAnon" and "conspiracy theorist" from talking points so superficial it would make political pimps like Spencer Stokes blush with how thin the spin is.

So, don't curtail the opposition. Those in elected office deserve to hear from their constituents about what they did. Whether they're gullible or malicious, those who voted for and let this happen shouldn't be anywhere near the levers of government. Maybe nice people, but not suited for any policy vetting the rest of us have to live with. Whatever political horse-trading took place needs to be exposed. I hope every single one of them catches hell for supporting this woke lie on the state. Dare we hope they lose their chairs? They can hide behind garbage report cards and talk away a lot of things, but the flag is there for all to see. Rather than keep pushing the talking points they already discredited, they look to establishment lapdogs to bark for them. That further instantiates that there's more than aesthetic change. Leftist hate rags will continue to push vast right-wing conspiracy theories and contentiously attempt to discredit anyone questioning their motives. The shrieking of the left is the motivation that keeps us moving. Go forward and quench your thirst on their salty tears.

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