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October 7th Shock and Horror

October 8th I started seeing videos I was having a hard time understanding. My shock and horror has only since intensified. What happened in Isreal on October 7th was the stuff of pure nightmares, was has followed since has only made those nightmare worse. We are reminded that the illusion of a safe world isn't one we can afford to have. There are monsters in our midst they want worse than death for us all. Seeing children murdered, women being taken to unspeakable horror, watching an entire groups of thousand intentionally coordinate atrocities we have warned by history could happen but only seemed like an abstraction til now. The scale of the attack, the fact it was possible under the noses of the most advanced intelligence and military services in human history is hard to process. What we saw and continue to see following the attack gives a new kind of fear.

I was raised immersed in WWII documentaries, books, movies, and survivors coming to our school and telling what happened. All with a warning that these things could happen again. I couldn't imagine those warnings coming true and seeing it in front of me was possible. Our institutions of higher learning, our streets were flooded with were calling not death to Isreal, but death to the jews. They are calling for genocide and doing so in a very public way. It's being done in ways that Goebbels and Eichmann would never do publicly. It's all being downplayed by the dinosaur press and heads of state. One kidnapped girl being referred to as "lost" by the Irish Prime Minister. It gets worse. The atrocities of October 7th are being promoted as a act of resistance by the american left. The BLM riots and mobs burning down cities in the summer of 2020 should be seen in a whole new light, as should the weakness of the American border. What happened in Israel can happen anywhere in the United States and with less fan fare.

I had beliefs about security in Israel and their intelligence agencies, that I am learning are fan fiction. That could me being shot up by monsters. That could be my wife and son being taken by the worst criminals in human history and it would be cheered, applauded, and advocated for by the world over. We have enemies they have always been there. We can't survive if were not honest about who they are and what their intent is. Political Correctness is getting us killed. Social Credit scores be damned. You might lose access to your checking account, you might get fired, you might be labelled a racist or a bigot, but the lack of honesty about what's happening will bring hell likes of which I am struggling to comprehend.

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I agree that honesty is non existent in this narrative. I believe the vast majority of Palestinians and Hebrews are wonderful people. Just as the vast majority of Ukrainians and Americans are. It is atrocious to see that the some 5-10% of the top of most countries are run by Cabal's and Deep States, and even Nazi's and the ultimate, Satan himself. The Lord will win this battle but we each need to become more aware of how wrongheaded our government system is and stand up as statesmen to change it. I believe Bibi is finished finally, as he represents all that is wrong in our world.

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