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Phil Lyman on David Robinson

From Phil Lyman:

This is just my personal observation; others are entitled to their own.

I met David Robinson a couple of years ago. Within a few minutes I knew where he stood on politics, social issues, finances, and religion. I have learned since then to trust his instinct. Especially in a party that, especially in Utah, tends to be a bit monochromatic, David brings a perspective to politics that is highly valued by many. The women who are accusing Dave are welcome to do so, they have their reasons. My own experience is that Dave is willing to tell people what they probably don't want to hear. What he lacks in sensitivity he makes up for in candor. And many seek his insight for good reason.

When party leaders who sanctimoniously condemn any thought of censure when it comes to Romney's vote to impeach President Trump because "the Republican Party is the party that never condemns anyone for their honest view," then those same so-called leaders condemn Dave, I'm perplexed. If you examine the allegations against Dave, they are mostly hearsay. Many of them I believe, knowing Dave, and many of them I don't believe at all. But whether I believe them or not is not important. What is important is that our own party is condemning and destroying the reputation of a person - an actual individual who has volunteered his time and talents to build the party.

I may be naïve to a lot of things but when the Trib and our liberal RINO party leaders team up to destroy someone's reputation, you can bet that it is a ruse to undermine true conservative effort.

It was not cool when the libs went after Kavanaugh, and its not cool when the same tactics are used on David. This cancel culture does not look good on the GOP. I hope Dave will run for office. I would support him based purely on the source and nature of those condemning him; not to mention the guy is a political genius. I would like to see a big Republican tent with a bit thicker skin. Right now we look more like whiny snowflake cancel-culture wannabes. And that public letter from Republican legislators - weakness, pettiness, and hypocrisy rolled into a single public document. Sadly predictable.

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