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Romney is worse than you could imagine....

Romney is concerned more about political losses than human life. This has always been the case.

'I don't think it's a big secret,' Sen. Mitt Romney told The Messenger, 'but in many states abortion is not a winning issue for Republicans'

“They wanna see people who can improve their lives,” Romney said. “So focusing on abortion didn’t turn out to be a big winner. You would not find that as a surprise.”

The problem with Romney's statement is abortion is a winning issue, not killing babies in utero is the issue. We won. Overturning Roe is the greatest political victory since the end of slavery in the United States. It's why we are Republicans. Romney has made it clear he has alway supported infanticide. What Rush Limbaugh referred to as the lefts sacrament. Romney made his position clear when he ran for Senate in Massachusetts citing his mothers efforts to keep murdering children. Romney reiterated those positions when he ran for Governor of Massachusetts. The only times Romney has ever claimed to be pro-life is in his two failed presidential bids and his run for Senate in Utah. He instantiated his position for death of children, by attacking the most pro-life president in history as much as he could. He would later be the only republican to vote for a pro-infanticide supreme court justice. Why would you vote for a republican if not for that. Romney has instantiated with his actions he's not a converted soul the issue of infantacide, but that he's an active operative in advancing such a practice as much as possible. He has shown he will lie and go out of his way to hide his position if necessary but it is who he is.

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