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Rules for thee....Double Standards, Establishment Thuggery, and Child Abuse

Today is the day the Salt Lake County mask mandates were set to expire. The mandates were nullified by Utah's Senate and House, but not without some aggressive actions taken by elitist thugs to keep the draconian measures in place.

January 7th 2022, County Mayor Jenny Wilson and Angela Dunn, had issued a county mask mandate. Establishment thug and crony Aimee Winder Newton almost immediately took to social media to indicate she would ignore common sense and science by clearly stating she would be supporting this. She was very assertive in her language that she was an exemplary establishment storm trooper who would tow line at all costs. As she has so done over and over and over. Whether it's leading the charge on the political hit job of Scott Miller, privately pushing bogus and cheap opposition research on Trump supporters, attempting to split Utah's electoral votes for Hillary Clinton by aggressively pushing Evan McMullin, attacking Trump, pushing Austin Cox... I could go on. It's clearly a trail of establishment thuggery that would span the ends of the galaxy if measured.

Almost immediately conservative voices in the state started calling out the extremist antics of Aimee Winder Newton. Mass text messages were sent to party members urging them to contact their council members. To which, Aimee Winder Newton doubled down, stating she was receiving more email in favor of the mandate than opposed. She didn't provide any backing for this unlike her fellow County Council member David Alvord, who posted a tally count of the emails he received for and against. Indicating the majority of his emails were against the mandates. This would lead us to believe Aimee Winder Newton might not be honest in her dealings with her fellow Utahns.

Interestingly enough Aimee Winder Newton posted a press release on social media from her toadie, Laurie Stringham. Indicating that Laurie Stringham would not put it up for a vote on the Salt County Council. This would leave the mask mandate in effect. She posted it before Laurie Stringham had released it. Which seems to indicate Laurie Stringham was running political cover for Aimee Winder Newton so she wouldn't have a vote on record. Seeing how she exposed both herself and toadie, Aimee Winder Newton quickly deleted the post. Then Laurie Stringham posted the press release signifying her efforts to provide political cover needed.

It would appear from this social media post that Laurie Stringham has some strange and creepy affinity for Aimee Winder Newton. Laurie Stringham is on some sort of camping trip roasting marshmallows with what appears to be a giant Aimee Winder Newton head, where Stringham is holding out a marshmallow for the Aimee Winder Newton's effigy…very strange… Clearly Stringham is going to vote with Aimee Winder Newton for the foreseeable future.

Rules for thee...

Confusion arose almost immediately on who the mask mandates applied to and who it didn't. The governor Spencer "Caillou" Cox issued an executive order exempting state employees. Salt Lake County employees were in work spaces that didn't require masks. As indicated by Nicholas Rupp in this Facebook comment which he's since deleted.

This left businesses and schools forced to endure the brunt of the bureaucratic whims of the administrative class. Children in schools who are almost completely insulated from the consequences of the COVID 19 were required to wear masks 8 hours a day. This is torture to them. You need only hear it directly from themselves on the impacts of masks, how filthy they get, how hard it is to breath, how this leads to breakouts, rashes and puts them at risk for staph infections. 8 HOURS A DAY, CHILDREN... This is what Jenny Wilson, Angela Dunn, Aimee Winder Newton, and Laurie Stringham were pushing on Utah's children. This is clearly abuse and not something that anyone mandating this order would subject themselves to.

To the rescue, not so fast....

The Utah State Senate seeing the outrageous hypocrisy and bureaucratic overreach acted quickly evoking legislation passed during the pandemic to curtail the whims of unelected administrators and protect Utahns. In this case children. No sooner had the senate acted than the racist establishment shill rag, the Deserleft News, attacked the senate. Evoking of all things, local control. The garbage fan-fiction mill the Deserleft News deems an editorial board, was clearly looking to intimidate the Utah House of Representatives. Showing how lily-livered politicians can be in the face of antiquated and bias news sources, the Deserleft News succeeded in stalling the House of Representatives in passing the same bill the Senate did earlier. After some delay it did pass and the mandate became void.

Lest there be any doubt to how disingenuous both Aimee Winder Newton and Laurie Stringham were acting, I present you with the photos below. Taken on February 5th, 2022 with the mandates they were pushing on everyone else not expiring for another two days.

This was nothing more than a raw show of force by a bureaucratic elite exerting its totalitarian control, using children as pawns in it's sick and demented exercise of authoritarian power.

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