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Spencer Cox in Kristi Noem drag? The impending theatrical buffoonery of COVID 2.0

When COVID fascism last arrived in the Beehive State, it encountered sheepish resistance from most of Utah. The COVID extremist totalitarians were greeted with utmost politeness, a situation that continues. The state of emergency, initially meant for earthquake aftermath resources, was fully exploited to manipulate the ongoing Republican primary for the governor's race. The regime's media vigorously promoted their fearless leader, Spencer Cox. All other candidates found themselves compelled to campaign via grainy Zoom calls, navigating technical challenges and resembling a Blair Witch Project recreation in the digital town hall setting. Caucuses were abruptly canceled, and in some areas, replacement delegates were handpicked by Spencer Cox's devoted followers. Utah's mail-in balloting system significantly shortened the primary timeline; any narrative conflicting with Spencer Cox's vision was swiftly drown out by the regime media. While the resistance was growing, its pace wasn't sufficient. The previously politically passive individuals were beginning to recognize that they might attempt to avoid politics, but politics wouldn't avoid them. Serving as the head of Utah's COVID task force, Spencer Cox vigorously propagated the most extreme and erroneous narratives regarding masks, lockdowns, and subsequent mRNA injections. The resistance continued to gather momentum throughout 2020. After the initial 14-day period aimed at slowing the spread, Eric Moutsos, an author and former police officer, spearheaded a lockdown protest in downtown Salt Lake City. Although critics labeled him an extremist causing harm to the elderly, this accusation didn't gain traction. Eric Moutsos organized another protest event, garnering full support from Vineyard Utah's city leadership, Mayor Julie Fullmer, as well as political contenders against Spencer Cox, such as Greg Hughes.

This historical context holds significance as the saber-rattling of COVID 2.0 is already underway. The previous narratives of "let's obey" and "you're killing people" have utterly failed, leading the consultant class to adopt a fresh approach. Kristi Noem, the Governor of South Dakota, distinguished herself by not promoting the same misguided measures as other states. She remained true to her oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. Her actions resonated not only with the new right but also with a public fed up with lies, albeit a little late to prevent the likes of Spencer Cox from winning his primary. Every Big Con fire hose was singing her praises. Out of this a new political strategy was engaged, one employed by a governor of a much bigger state, Florida.

DeSantis needed to carry forward this resistance onto the national stage. An abrupt change occurred. Florida reopened quicker than the rest of the nation. DeSantis confidently appeared on camera, urging children to remove their masks. He adopted Noem's narrative, a move that greatly bolstered his position as the new champion of the populist right. His handlers adeptly maneuvered in the attention economy. DeSantis made multiple visits to Utah, earning popularity not only within the populist right but also within the Romneycrat establishment.

Spencer Cox continued to tweet COVID rhetoric attacking Florida's governor upon his visits to Utah. Despite Cox's immature and petulant efforts, the path ahead became clear. Rush Limbaugh, before his passing, highlighted the GOP establishment's desire for Trump voters minus Trump. Limbaugh also indicated, in his final words, that Trump was the frontrunner for the 2024 Republican nomination. The Republican Establishment required an alternative to Trump, and Spencer Cox's puff pieces in The Atlantic fell short. DeSantis emerged as the answer. This was solidified by Utah's elite, who launched an attack on Trump just a day before his 2024 announcement. The foot soldiers of Spencer Cox, namely Mike McKell and Todd Weiler, took the lead in attempting to overshadow and humiliate President Trump. Their efforts culminated in a press release endorsed by 86 elected officials, urging Ron DeSantis to run for President.

Looking at the list of 86 we saw Julie Fullmer, mayor of Vineyard and the leader of the most effective protest in the state's history. Mayor Fullmer could make a claim to the ideological underpinnings of a DeSantis candidacy. However also on the list were the likes of Tamara Tran who censured Mayor Kate Witt for also attempting a COVID protest, and one of the most revolting establishment thugs in the state AWN (Aimee Winder Newton). AWN pushed communists co-opting children to burn down cities as "cutest BLM protest ever" and worse yet in 2022 against all scientific evidence she voted to mask children in schools. AWN said she did this to "send a message" despite not masking in public herself in her allotted mandate time, she wanted the death narratives that put the likes of Spencer Cox in power to continue. Even beyond Spencer Cox himself.

It was clear by the timing of the press release and who was on it that these people had as much if not more contempt for DeSantis policies as the far left did. The signers themselves and local media couldn’t breach the topic of the press release without spewing what it was really about, Trump. The victor in the battle between competing consultant models – Romney/Cox and Noem/DeSantis – was unmistakable. The Never Trumpers of 2016, the Romney pushers of 2018 and the COVID fascists of 2020 had a new champion to save them from the orangeman, Ron DeSantis. The Governor of Florida had successfully co-opted the successes of Kristi Noem to become the new path forward.

However, DeSantis is struggling to meet the high expectations of his candidacy. He lacks the commanding presence exhibited by the successful presidential figures of the last 30 years. He does not possess the charisma reminiscent of Reagan, the personality and colloquial mastery akin to Bill Clinton, or the role of a cheerleader like George Bush. Nor can he deliver speeches with the same finesse as Barack Obama. Undoubtedly, he faces difficulty stepping out of the shadow cast by Trump. DeSantis holds two cards in his hand: Florida's attention-grabbing policies and his status as "not Trump." He needs something to come up in the river. In order for DeSantis to be the establishment's viable Trump opposition he’ll need more. Either getting Trump off the ballot, shenanigans in Milwaukee 2024 or COVID 2.0. DeSantis can't get any further without it. What if COVID 2.0 gave DeSantis the attention he needs on the national stage and room for skullduggery to keep Trump from being the nominee? We have good reasons to be suspicious of the cancellation of Utah's Presidential Primary.

The way events will unfold in the next 18 months remains uncertain. Yet, we are certain that the script is undergoing a transformation, and the narrative is being manipulated to align. Could controlled opposition be at play, working on behalf of Cox to undermine any significant opposition to his regime? Is there genuine opposition that will shed light on Spencer Cox's true character? Jason Preston seems to resemble assigned opposition against Cox, and Cox seems to allow this publicly. He exploits the trust he's built to tarnish Cox's real opposition, mainly Julie Fullmer, who led the most impactful COVID protest in 2020, and Greg Hughes. Jason Preston utilized a now-defunct development project pursued by Julie Fullmer in her city to attack both of them. It's evident that Preston's attack lacked substance, as the project he employed to target them failed. Greg Hughes, who had no involvement, was mentioned by name 11 times in Jason Preston's podcast. This raises questions: Why did Jason Preston specifically bring up these individuals simultaneously and why now? We must seek answers.

Could this be due to Greg Hughes calling out Spencer Cox on elections, the new state flag, groomer teachers, and other issues concerning conservatives via radio? Is it because Julie Fullmer spearheaded numerous protests and staunchly resisted COVID-related authoritarianism, even confronting those enforcing such measures? Two things are clear. Jason Preston and Spencer Cox have engaged in public sparring, enhancing Preston's credibility to criticize Cox's opposition from a right-wing perspective. Cox and his team allowed this encounter to occur. I couldn't have scripted better fake wrestling. Jason Preston is resolute in targeting the 2020 COVID opposition, while also maintaining sanctimonious positioning about not supporting Trump. Stew Peters even scolded Jason Preston for promoting DeSantis on his show. While I cannot definitively assert that Jason Preston and Spencer Cox have collaborating forces behind them, their behavior mirrors strategies historically employed by intelligence agencies as controlled opposition. As Steve Bannon pointed out, "there are no conspiracies, but there are no coincidences." It's difficult to dismiss the timing of Jason Preston's attack on Julie Fullmer and Greg Hughes as coincidence. Jason Preston released his critical piece during the same weekend when mask mandates began in Fulton County, Georgia, coinciding with Trump's indictment in that same county. The stage is being set for a concerning scenario. Imagine a situation where Trump is compelled to wear a mask in a televised kangaroo court, while Spencer Cox asserts that Utah isn't doing mask mandates. Alternatively, contemplate the suspension of caucuses due to COVID 2.0, with delegates casting electronic votes to determine Utah's representation at the Milwaukee 2024 convention. The current delegates favor DeSantis over Trump, as indicated by polls this year, even as Trump gains the lead among Utah Republicans in the state.

Spencer Cox and Mitt Romney are facing re-election in 2024. It's evident that they cannot replicate their actions from 2018 and 2020, where they both attempted to pose as Trump supporters. Cox cannot uphold his past COVID policies as successes within the current political landscape. He must now emulate DeSantis and become a facsimile of Kristi Noem. This transition will prove challenging for our dear little governor. He was unwavering in his commitment to chastise everyone as if they were misbehaving children. Elder Bednar called out his lockdown policies, which classified religious services as "non-essential." Rumor has it that in response, Cox requested a statement on mask mandates to display a show of unity with his inability to uphold constitutional values. Although this cannot be confirmed, the area presidency eventually yielded to Cox's desires and released a statement on masks following his apostolic chastisement. The question arises: Will Spencer Cox campaign in full drag as Kristi Noem rodeo queen, professing to be a constitution-based DeSantis 2.0? He has already started, although he leaves much to be desired in terms of hair and makeup. We could assist him by providing a sash and a bejeweled hat to complete his newfound façade. With COVID rhetoric intensifying, the stage is being set for the most overt political theatrics the nation has ever witnessed. In Utah, it culminates in what could be described as the worst drag queen story time ever.

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