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Spencer Cox Kingpin of the Utah’s Never-Trumper Mafia

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Spencer Cox has shown a virulent and consistent pattern of hating our president and speaking out against him. Not just before 2016 but deep into Trump’s Presidency as well.

I’ve captured some of his Never-trumper tweets, his Romney worship, and his clique of Never-Trumper Romneycrats

This is a tweet that Spencer Cox deleted in May of 2020

Spencer Cox hasn’t stopped attacking our President. He will attack like Romney at the first available opportunity.

“Bannon would get his head handed to him if he came to the state of Utah”

A conversation with Utah’s lieutenant governor on Romney, Trump, and GOP elections.

“Mitt Romney is royalty here in the state of Utah,” Utah’s Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox

When President Trump took on the challenge of combating human trafficking on our souther border. The leftist media vilified him. Spencer Cox not only sided with human traffickers but went on to push violence on anyone who opposed them…

Cox felt the need to share this about the GOP’s nominee for President.

Cox not only hates Trump, but has some strong opinions about his supporters as well.

Tanner Ainge, Aimee Winder Newton

Who is Tanner Ainge?

Tanner Ainge is currently a County Commissioner in Utah County (second largest county in Utah). His father played for BYU and the Boston Celtics (very tight with fellow Bostonian Romney). Ainge worked on Romney’s campaign in 2012. He tried to get Chaffetz's CD3 seat and failed. He’s been a consistent and devout Never-trumper and Romney worshipper. He’s very close to Spencer Cox. He has re-assured Never Trumpers that Cox will distance himself from this president in a twitter response in January 2020. Spencer Cox liked the tweet.

He’s right neither demonize democrats

Ainge actively opposed Trump in 2020

Aimee Winder Newton (AWN)

AWN currently sits on the Salt Lake County Council. AWN also ran for Governor this year. She had a terrible habit of not knowing anything about the issues people brought up throughout her campaign. AWN is an extreme Never-Trumper and campaigned as a Trump supporter. She failed to make it past convention in the Republican Primary and has gone on to endorse Spencer Cox. AWN has a vested interest in stopping Trump and any of his supporters. That's why she went on to attack Greg Hughes throughout 2020.

This is a photo of AWN and McMullin at the Utah State Capitol

She went to school with Cox’s running mate

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