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Updated: Jul 5, 2021

When Romneycrats, Oligarchs, Never-Trumpers, and Cox Pushers tried destroying Utah County.

“ We must stand up and speak out to challenge our so-called “leaders” of government. We put them in charge; we can remove them as well.”

General Michael Flynn

Utah County passed a major tax cut last week. Upending a decision made previously by the commission in 2019. The vote in 2019 Bill Lee stood alone in opposition to the tax hike. With two of the commissioners since being replaced, the vote to reduce the property tax was unanimous. This was a long fought battle spanning years. Bill Lee was outnumbered 2 to 1 fighting an establishment pushing higher taxes, bigger government, and infanticide. He was up against all the elites in the state. In 2020 we had a chance. Nathan Ivie who voted to raise taxes and openly advocated for destroying the commission was up for re-election. In the republican primary a deep pool of candidates stepped up to challenge Nathan Ivie. Who stepped up and won? Tom Sakievich, a former Lt Colonel in the Marine Corps. The people of Utah County no longer had an establishment hack pushing bigger government and higher taxes as the GOP nominee. Later in 2020 a ballot initiative was proposed that would eliminate the hard fought gains and destroy the commission. Prop 9, this proposition was an effort to destroy our commission and replace it with Salt Lake County's Mayor and County Council system. One that has plagued Salt Lake County with totalitarian covid measures, higher taxes, and bigger government. The establishment threw the kitchen sink rounding up endorsements and op-eds pushing this destructive scam on the heart of our state.

Bill Lee worked with the new commission and county government to reel in big government. He specifically mentioned County Attorney David Leavitt's jailing policy. Our previous County Attorney had people classified as a flight risk that were so ill the Sheriff's department was running out of money trying to keep them behind bars with their medical expenses. So much so that Sheriff Tracy resigned early calling out how the county couldn't afford such an expense. I don't know if someone whose medical expenses were so high that they would be a flight risk. I do know that David "let em go" Leavitt did alleviate budget burdens that were pla guing Utah County.

This is extremely important and is as much an ideological victory as a financial one. Property taxes are more than just less money in your pocket, it's displacement, it's a tax on where you live. With skyrocketing property prices and inflation eating people alive there is a real possibility that this could lead to people on fixed incomes losing their homes. Primely positioned on the auction block for development interests to take a larger share in Utah County. There are many that would like to see that happen. We saw some of them with a proposition on the ballot in 2020 that would have prevented any tax hike and paved the way for a runaway county government that would further an agenda not in the interests of Utah County residents.

Prop 9 was an establishment effort to destroy Utah County's Commission. Those on the commission who advocated for Prop 9 also advocated for a property tax hike, while giving Planned Parenthood tax exempt status on their property to fund more mass murder of the unborn. This was a blatant power grab by Utah's elite. They argued, more representation and greater checks and balances. These were garbage talking points that were demonstrably false. You would not get greater representation or checks and balances, because you wouldn't have a big enough candidate pool to challenge incumbents, it would be diluted and sectionalized based on where people lived and how long. Two County Commissioners pushed for this are gone, replaced by people who came from a deep pool of candidates. That's representation, that's the ultimate checks and balance, ELECTIONS!

Bye bye Tanner Ainge, a leftist Cox pusher who obfuscated his seething and deep hatred of Trump during his election in 2018 for Utah County Commissioner. Tanner Ainge was the most outspoken proponent of the destruction of Utah's County Commission. He grew up in Boston with Romney. He made the laughable argument that it would save money while simultaneously pushing and voting for property tax hikes. When Nathan Ivie lost the GOP primary to Tom Sakievich, Tanner Ainge called for a Jenny Reese to do a write in candidacy. Tanner would later sign up to be a JAG lawyer for the National Guard, while taking a salary as a commissioner and after Prop 9 failed resigned from Utah's County Commission. The body he tried destroying.

Aimee Winder Newton is one of the most disgusting and nastiest human beings not just in Utah politics, but in the state's entire history. She's led a trail of establishment thuggery that would span the ends of the galaxy if measured. Newton has shown she will push unending contradicting positions for a political advantage. Newton smears conservatives and God fearing patriots at every turn. Then pushes left wing extremists operating in the Utah GOP's ranks. Aimee Winder Newton is a Never-Trumper, Cox-Pusher, and Romneycrat. Newton specifically targets anyone threatening her oligarch handlers. In an effort to destroy Utah County's commission and reduce it to an oligarch puppet show with a rubber stamp for whatever agenda an elitist clique wanted, she went on record supporting the destruction of Utah County's Commission. Aimee Winder Newton doesn't live in Utah County and was using her weight to push a deeper agenda to expand government and place more power into fewer people. This last year with great effort the GOP achieved a super majority on the Salt Lake County Council. Recently the Republicans pushed a resolution begging County Mayor Jenny Wilson to end the mask mandate, with no avail. So much for check and balances Jenny Wilson had Salt Lake County in a state of emergency so it didn't matter what the council advocated for. In Utah County we have a commission that could vote directly on the issue and not need to deal with the County Mayor in a bogus state of emergency. Perhaps Aimee Winder Newton should push for Utah County style government and maybe residents of Salt Lake County could have tax cuts like Utah County... I wouldn't hold my breath. Aimee Winder Newton's track record is one of a rancid establishment hack. Any causes, positions, statements, or endorsements associated with her should be regarded with the utmost suspicion.

Jacob Anderegg, a consummate Never-Trumper, eco-fascist, and McMullin pusher. Who has gone on to push leftist Cox at religious activities, interesting after this Cox went on left wing pundit shows to accuse conservatives of making a religion out of politics. Anderegg openly advocated for the destruction of Utah's County Commission. He cited the debunked and flawed argument of more "representation" Represented by who? Too many people for a three person commission? What would you have a commission doing that would require that? He was clearly pushing an agenda that would create a bunch of seats that the establishment had picks lined up for. Like any leftist agenda pushed in this state by the establishment we see Anderegg lining up to bat for it.

Far left extremist and bowtied freak, Rex Facer, pumped his two cents into destroying our commission. He's a far left advocate who will push for the expansion of government at every turn. He wrote an entire op-ed in the Daily Herald pushing this swamp garbage on the people of Utah County. His piece would make the Soviet Politburo blush it was so outrageous. Facer would go one to chair Spencer Cox's redistricting commission.

This was an effort to dilute the candidate pool and push seats to an establishment clique at the expense of a working class struggling to make mortgage payments and pay these ever increasing property taxes. It's failure was manifested in the property tax cut passed by Utah County's Commission. I'm grateful for Bill Lee for being unafraid and outnumbered. He held the line for two years while an elitist group targeted and relentlessly worked to destroy our commission and make Utah County into deep blue Salt Lake County. I'm grateful to Tom Sakievich for stepping up and challenging incumbent Nathan Ivie. We need more Tom Sakievich in Utah. The people of Utah County saw Prop 9 and who was behind it for what they were. This is the latest in an ongoing battle for this state's future. There are legislators talking about implementing legislation that would force a Mayor and County Council on Utah County. We should grill any state representatives on where they stand on this and find good people to primary them going forward. If Utah County becomes as blue as Salt Lake County the state is lost to leftwing extremists. Will we become a dystopian Detroit style hellscape or will we persevere in an onslaught of left destruction consuming the entire nation?

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More garbage. Just name-calling because the author can't make actual arguments.

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David Crandall
06 juil. 2021
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