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The Coordinated Attack on Tim Ballard

The coordinated attack on Tim Ballard

Tim Ballard's public efforts to take down child trafficking rings were relatively unscathed by bad public relations. He was able to tell his story without much push back and enjoyed almost unanimous public support. That was until 2017. When he joined President Trump and reiterated the obvious, a lack of border security contributed to child trafficking. What's astounding in our modern world is the recent lack of awareness between the connection between human smuggling and illegal immigration. Once Tim Ballard deviated from the narrative "Orange Man Bad" he had article after article denouncing his efforts to take down child trafficking rings. No one can say he doesn't actively combat child trafficking, so what do they do? Put out salacious headlines with little substance. That's all that's needed to reduce public support just enough to take down anyone that might pose a political threat.

Last week was eventful. Mitt Romney publicly declared he would not seek re-election. Sean Reyes, a much speculated replacement said he would not be seeking Romney's seat, but would be supporting someone else. Tim Ballard testified before congress that the Biden Administration was a delivery service for Human Traffickers, a story James O'Keefe exposed months ago. One of the last public stories James O'Keefe did before himself being ousted from Project Veritas. The Biden administration is actively facilitating child sex trafficking. A sensitive topic with the film "Sound of Freedom '' being a hit success. A movie that's an account of Tim Ballard's successful efforts to rescue child sex slaves in Columbia. So within days of Ballard testifying before congress amid speculation the far left Vice News puts out blatant political hit piece. One targeted at the Jello Belt itself. The headline "Mormon Church Denounces Tim Ballard’s “Morally Unacceptable” Activities'' What are these morally unacceptable activities? What so disturbed Vice that they needed to step away from their normal activities of reviewing sex doll hotels in Japan or their reaction to a show in which a man gets high on drugs and watches Ancient Aliens? Well the article references a few things. Tim Ballard's religious motivations, a trumped up investigation by a politically motivated county attorney, and a statement by an unnamed spokesperson that works for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Tim Ballard has never been shy about his religious motivations. His religious books and efforts predate any of his child rescue efforts. His position isn't dissimilar to any zealous Restoration Christian or as the movie Blues Brothers put it "we're on a mission from God" Tim Ballard doesn't shy away from his faith as many today desperately try to compartmentalize the two. He makes no secret why he does what he does. This makes people uncomfortable, but that's their problem, not his. The article tries desperately to pull out statements to construct a narrative that makes the reader think Tim Ballard has a messianic delusion when he doesn't.

The other major attack on Ballard comes from a statement from the Church's PR department. The Church has had a massive yuck in PR and clearly keeps getting worse. The accusation, Tim Ballard misused Elder Ballard's name. Anyone from the inside can see what's being done here. Anywhere Tim Ballard goes in LDS circles he's going to be asked if he's knows Elder Russell Ballard. Turns out he does. Tim Ballard not being shy is going to talk about it when asked not matter what the setting, albeit a meeting in business or church. It's not uncommon for LDS people to share personal experiences with leaders of the church. If Tim Ballard was in a business meeting with other business people, what's he going to do, deny knowing him, keep it secret? Of course not, he's going to talk about it. Would this leave someone to believe Tim Ballard is using Elder Ballard's name to promote what he's doing? Possibly but that's not Tim Ballard's fault. People read the absolute trash coming out of the church owned media outlets and think it comes from the President of church himself, but that's on them. So the church when asked about involvement of Elder Ballard in Tim Ballard's activities and Tim Ballard discussing his relationship with Elder Ballard (as most LDS religious people would) they have to make a distinction between their efforts and his. A misinterpretation by anyone would lead to the wording in the article put out to the far left Vice News.

Leftist media regurgitates the garbage article put out and then the circular attacks keep going. The message "Tim Ballard is bad." What did he do? Most people couldn't say but it's just enough to scare just enough people to take Tim Ballard's political efforts down a notch. That's what it's supposed to. Diminish Tim Ballard for people to ignore what he's saying about the Biden administration's active role in child sex trafficking, and prevent Tim Ballard from entering the contest for Utah's senate seat. Why would people not want child sex trafficking exposed? Who would want Tim Ballard to not run for senate?

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