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Tucker Carlson has left Fox News, and that's bad for Utah

Tucker covered issues that most people didn't: wars with young Americans dying, trade agreements that destroy entire communities, and average people dying in a massive crime wave brought on by woke policies. These are very personal and real issues that impact our day-to-day lives. Not the narratives of some cloistered faux literati whose talking points are paid for and echoed over and over, but life and death issues that impact you and me. Spencer Cox has taken to Twitter to like tweets making out his most effective critic, Tucker Carlson, to be a Nazi and basque in his being removed from cable TV.

It was on the Tucker Carlson program that, for the first time, thousands of Utahns and millions of Americans learned Utah's Governor, Spencer Cox, was different than what he portrayed himself to be. Tucker called out Spencer Cox for his advocacy for race-based scholarships. It was Tucker that brought it to the attention of millions that Spencer Cox was eagerly giving his pronouns to advance radical gender ideology on children. These aren't the activities and positions of a conservative red state governor that Spencer Cox portrays himself to be. Tucker exposed Spencer Cox for actively being dishonest in his dealings with his fellow man.

Cox lies about who he is. He sends mailers and pushes billboards that tout what a conservative he is. He campaigned for and won a huge portion of Utah's MAGA vote. Cox has shown nothing but contempt for Trump supporters and the conservative base he espouses to get elected. Cox actively used COVID to violate the God-given rights of Utahns outlined in the Bill of Rights. The Daily Wire has articulated a misguided perception of Governor Cox caving to the LGBTQ+ extremists regarding his advancing the definition of transition therapy and ensuring males compete in girls' sports. Cox was never caving to any lobby; he was actively advancing a policy position that aligned with his warped worldview. Cox is an eager foot soldier of his oligarch handlers, whom I think he sincerely agrees with. Cox knows his worldview is misaligned with the people of Utah. He actively seeks to obfuscate and hide who he is and what he believes.

Cox is not civil. Spencer Cox repeatedly calls out how contentious and uncivil our current discourse is. He likes to highlight and show how civil his brand is. The problem with this is that Cox isn't civil, and he is extremely contentious. A video from the 2023 GOP state convention recently surfaced where he spews an expletive and gets in the face of Jason Preston, asking him questions about his advocacy of WEF-backed "Smart Cities." Cox denied knowing what they were (a blatant lie), exposed by the fact that he immediately touted having read 1984 three times. What would 1984 have to do with "Smart Cities" if he didn't know what they were? Reading 1984 didn't stop him from geo-tracking citizens during Covid. Cox has called for violence on Trump supporters and law enforcement. In a 2020 GOP primary debate, his tweets were so bad that Rod Decker, a local reporter who has gone into detail about child murderers live on air, wouldn't read Spencer Cox's tweets in a televised debate. It's hard to take someone seriously when they call for public civility after publicly tweeting that they want to "punch someone in the face."

It was when Tucker Carlson called out Spencer Cox to an audience of millions that we saw the raw establishment thuggery of Utah's worst on display. Derek Brown, Utah's worst GOP Chair ever, used party resources to attack Trump in 2020 and joined a political hit job on his potential replacement, attacked Tucker in the Daily Caller of all places, saying that the footage of Cox using his pronouns had been selectively edited. The Hinckley Report, a worthless establishment mouthpiece, was on the local PBS station asking why Tucker was targeting Utah, not why the governor was engaged with radical queer theory and children. Maybe the zombies at the Hinckley Report can do like Tucker and ditch the bowtie. The Deseret News, a local Marxist rag ironically owned by the LDS Church, does puff pieces on Spencer Cox on what seems to be at least a weekly basis. The local NBC affiliate KSL only portrays Cox in a positive light and tries to frame his critics as literal terrorists. It's clear that there isn't any real accountability of the governor by Utah's regime media. His only real political dissent is on social media, which he's taking steps to curtail. So Tucker Carlson is the only real substantive exposure Spencer Cox has ever received.

Spencer Cox is the most petty, arrogant, and self-serving politician in Utah's history. His sanctimonious grandstanding about civility is in stark contrast to what he actually does. He advocates violence against his political opponents, dehumanizes them, and mocks and calls them names at every turn. Spencer Cox is the worst of the worst. It's only when Tucker called out his overt racism and sexualization of children on multiple segments that Utahns got a hint of who their governor really is. What's most tragic about Tucker leaving Fox News is that Spencer Cox represents the lies that will go unexposed to most people. Even with the internet, the directed narratives of the establishment kleptocrats will go unchallenged to the majority of Americans and certainly in the state of Utah.

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