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Utah County Needs Renee Tribe

Renee Tribe is an activist, youth volunteer, and one of the most determined people I know.

Renee Tribe has been working hard for Utah County. She started holding small gatherings to inform on issues that matter to Utah County, our state and our nation. I attended the first meeting it was awesome. Renee presented on what's happening in our nation the challenges were facing and what we need to do next. There were 12 people at that first meeting over a year ago. The last meeting she held had over 600 people. Renee knows Utah County what's going on and how do get things done.

Renee Tribe is completely self funded. She isn't entangled in national groups with interests and agendas other than Utah County. Renee is the Utah County First County Commissioner. She's exactly who we need in County Commission Seat A!

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