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Utah's Three Card Monte primaries: Celeste Maloy a Disgusting Case Study

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Why is Utah the RINO capital of the country? Why was the reddest state predicted in 2016 not to have the electoral votes for the GOP nominee? Why do we see national pundits outside the state applauding the biggest RINO's in the country as "pro-Trump" candidates? Let's take a closer look at Utah's 2nd Congressional District race and how an overtly anti Trump candidate is being lauded in national conservative circles as "pro-trump"

The GOP primary is the race in statewide elections. The democratic party is a regional party limited to Salt Lake County and a few pockets in the state. Utah voters typically vote down ticket in elections. What does the democratic party do in Utah? They registered as republicans and work to obfuscate their candidates true positions. They do so in a coordinated way with Utah's far left media. Putting out hit pieces on conservative candidates and softly promoting their interested parties. They also push other candidates to run as conservatives, that can't win but, can suck enough votes from meaningful opposition. As well as run an obvious RINO to scare votes in a direction they want. So if a RINO can slip past the primary and have the complicit cover of Utah's far left media garbage they can win.

Celeste Maloy was congressional staffer for Chris Stewart. Stewart abruptly resigned after he claimed his wife's health issues would keep him away from his congressional duties. The reality was he was setting up a gov shop on K Street and needed a sock puppet in his seat to make it work. Enter swamp creature Celeste Maloy. Maloy was front and center calling out how dangerous it was for her on January 6th. She would go on to talk about how she was on the committee on the weaponization of government, and in the same breath admit not seeing any of the released footage that debunked a narrative she herself advanced. Her twitter was chalk full overtly supporting LGBTQIA+ extremists and overt marxist organizations calling for the destruction of the nuclear family. Establishment politicians were pushing her and hard. They really wanted her to be in office. Worst of all she committed election fraud. She wasn't a resident of the state and not member of the republican party. She wasn't registered to vote in Utah. Which is illegal to run for the nomination of a party you're not a member of. Maloy had the cover of her friends in the LG Gov office. So rather than tell her she wasn't eligible, they told her about her little issue so she could fix it real quick. She and the LG office committed election fraud. Party Chair Rob Axson completely failed as chair running a candidate at convention that wasn't eligible to do. Election fraud not a big in the state of Utah and who is going stop it? The Never Trumper LG Office? nah. So a series of lies had to be spun to get her into office. We have a candidate not a member of the party, not resident, not a conservative, running for CD2, Utahs most conservative district.

Becky Edwards overt and honest in her disdain for her fellow republicans. She is very clear about supporting Biden over Trump. She is known for these positions. Celeste Maloy clearly espouses similar positions but hides it better. Greg Bonham he's not much better overtly pro-Romney, attacked Trump's calls about election fraud as the Republican National Committeeman in Utah. In a three way primary between these candidates the fix is in. Maloy sells herself a conservative, she isn't, oh she'll game whatever report cards she needs to, but when needed she'll inject her far left politics into the mix where she can. A pattern mastered by former Utah County DNC Chair and now Congressman Republican Congressman from Utah's 3rd Congressional District John Curtis.

When talking heads outside the state read random blips on the general election, they see a republican has beat the democrat in Utah. They clearly don't know the difference between the end of jack ass and hole in the ground when it comes to Utah's political landscape. Which is unfortunate, Celeste Maloy is one the worst and most disgusting swamp creatures to be sent to Washington, only people benefiting from her office are seeing dollar signs with Chris Stewart's latest gov shop.

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I am afraid we have been infiltrated in Utah politics. Up is down and right is wrong. To me this evil is happening right here, where good Christians should know better. I believe the covert politics is now so overt, that these people feel they can get away with anything now, an they can. If politicians like Romney and Cox and their ilk can deceive us we are doomed unless we wake up as a state and vote in true conservatives. The system is broken and I pray for something bold like the Brunson vs Alma case to come through the Supreme court and get rid of all congress so we can start over.

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