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Who is speaking up for Utah’s most powerful? Who is speaking up for Utah’s most vulnerable?

These last few weeks we saw outrage coming out of the governor's office, the state GOP, and what seemed an almost endless stream of elected officials claiming to either be victims or show solidarity with claimants. In a brash display we had retinas burning and ears drums bleeding with the political establishment gushing their outrage. The state would later hear more on the Rod Arquette Show. Aimee Winder Newton and Derek Brown, some of the state's most powerful people, claimed they were victims and that they were bullied and targeted. The specifics of which we mostly still don't know. The claims being made are that a volunteer for the Salt Lake County GOP sexually harassed and "bullied" politicians. When I see politicians claiming victimhood and then that being used as currency, we should ask questions. The outrage and public overtures about the issue left a stark contrast in my mind. Children in this state are attending our public schools and being inundated with questions about their gender. Their God given identity being questioned by people trusted with their education. Children are being given puberty blockers and transgender treatments. The irreparable harm caused physically, emotionally, and spiritually is being pushed by the wayside to accommodate an extreme agenda at the expense of Utah's children. This is systemic grooming and child abuse but where's the outrage? Where's the public denunciation against those preying on the states most vulnerable? What about our children? An adult may have said something mean to another adult, but a child being chemically castrated isn't afforded the same consideration by the most powerful people in this state? I need to ask. Why? Looks like fear. Looks like cowardice. Fear of far left extremists threatening political, social, and economic punishments to anyone that dares question them.

Utah's children are being indoctrinated and groomed for abuse. If your five year old decides he's a girl after being convinced by a predator teacher and you try and stop it, you're engaging in what's called conversion therapy a practice banned by Governor Herbert with a decree. Conversion therapy keeps having it's definition expanded so as to further isolate anyone seeking to protect their children.

This last legislative session. We saw a house resolution honoring a basketball player Donovan Mitchell over another basketball player Shaquille O'Neal. This resolution honoring a basketball player was passed and applauded on the social media accounts of a cadre of elected officials. Contrast that to HB 92. A bill that would ban the transgender treatment of children. Stopping chemical castrations, mastectomies, puberty blockers on children. This bill didn't make it out of committee. Our state's idol worship of basketball clearly superseding the welfare of our children. Why didn't this bill make it out of committee and why didn't it get more attention? Could it be pressure from the Governor? Governor Cox received $75,000 from the teachers union pushing transgender indoctrination on children. What interests could be more important than this? Another bill HB 302 made it through the state house but not in the senate it was held in committee. It was a bill to protect female sports. Keeping female sports in the state to limited females. It was sponsored by Rep Kiera Birkeland the same representative who pushed the resolution honoring one professional basketball player over another. The governor said he wouldn't sign HB 302. The question has been raised if it was because a basketball championship wouldn't be held in Utah if the bill was passed. Does the state value professional basketball more than the welfare of children? YES! We need to stop sacrificing children to the idolatry of professional basketball and special interests looking to groom children for abuse.

Who is speaking out on all this? One person is Natalie Cline. Recently elected to the state school board, she's been targeted by the groups overtly calling for the destruction of the nuclear family. The far left has called for Cline to be removed from office. Who else? David Robinson, the same man being crucified by the endless stream of virtue signaling by Utah's political establishment. Last year David Robinson unequivocally called out the then Lt Governor and candidate Cox for his hand on the ongoing and systemic child abuse in this state. Is the governor's public attacks out of concern for women or just plain revenge? I don't know what someone said to who and why that launched a tsunami of virtue signaling by the state's establishment. I do know it wasn't to children. It was one grown up speaking to another. I know Scott Miller, the Salt Lake County GOP chair, is running for state chair. Miller is being accused of not doing enough and soon enough. The timing of this is extremely suspect as the GOP convention is May 1st. Aimee Winder Newton told accusers to wait for better timing to bring up their accusations. She's also called for anyone that thinks Robinson and Miller are "in the right" to be excused and dismissed. "In the right" we haven't even heard the other side of this. Some of the allegations are serious, some not, but powerful people don't like being questioned. She's on record saying that no one should consider certain candidates for state GOP chair simply because they've worked with Robinson and Miller in the past.

I've heard stories of Robinson being kicked out of meetings and having objects thrown at him for asking powerful people uncomfortable questions. If this is the reaction to honest conversations in Utah, we need more of it. The circumstances around the accusations surrounding the Salt Lake County GOP raises more questions than we currently have answers. I do know I'm not seeing anywhere near the amount of concern for systemic child abuse in Utah by a radical contingent of leftists openly calling for ending the nuclear family. Are we too afraid of being attacked by the far left? Which is Utah's political class, both inside and outside the establishment GOP. Are we hiding cowardice by telling ourselves we need to be nice? We need to stop being fearful. If that means we are attacked, things are thrown at us, we're kicked out of rooms, we risk offending people, so be it. Children are worth it.

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