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Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Trump Fights

For decades god fearing decent people in this country have been held hostage by left wing extremism permeating every facet of our lives. Who stood up for us? Who were our champions? The cowardly and weak spineless politicians who stood in as the republican nominees. Oh they sang the songs, they echoed the talking points, but when the leftist demons came screeching, they cowered. They ran for cover and when asked why they always said they were above the fray, they had principles, they masked their impotence with politeness. We lost our republic in the process, but hey they were well behaved losers, who pulled through on stripping away liberty when the left really wanted it. Along came Trump, very bold in his statements. He didn't give them an inch. No topic was off the table. He wasn't well behaved in face of outrageous attacks. He dished out what the left always threw at conservatives. They weren't used to a republican showing up at a tank fight with a tank. The left wants well behaved republicans who will acquiesce to their name calling and politely say they are sorry. Trump didn't do that.

America First

The Industrial Base of the United States has been decimated. Our immigration policy serves every third world criminal on the planet. Human trafficking on our southern border was outrageous. Over 70% of the women coming up from our southern border were raped. For over 100 years our military was being used to protect interests that weren't our own. Every first world country on the planet exists under the auspices of America's military protection. Does any other country pay for it? Does anyone else in NATO pay their fair share? NO! The GOP playbook was to invade every country possible and occupy it like we did German and Korea with no end in sight. No regards for the political will that wouldn't tolerate such a thing at home. Letting us destroy an existing regime only for it to be replaced by one even worse. Did anyone care? Dumping cheap goods with near or slave labor with no environmental regulations had become a republican sacrament. Democrats loved how they could dropship unvetted immigrants from other countries, with no regard for the impact. All of this standard operating procedure for both parties with only token opposition from the other side to placate their base. Trump killed bad guys, but didn't get mired in war. He called out the rapists abusing women trying to come into our country. He killed the child and drug trafficking cartels' ability to cater to America's elite. He said when trade deals were made access to America's markets needed to be reciprocated. He fought to bring factories back that other politicians pushed overseas. The incomes of Americans were more important than the portfolios of congress. The lives and security of Americans were more important than the foreigh lobbies angling for specific interests. Trump put Americans first where the rest of our elected officials were putting Americans last.

The Media

April 8, 2015 I made a wish on a blog. This is what I wished for.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

We Need Smug

"We need a smug Republican. Someone that can look straight into the camera and not be on the defense of a kale muncher spewing superficial leftist dogma. A candidate that can get that one line in and put the over privileged leftist on the defense. Would Slick Willy sit through an interview on the defense the whole time? It would never happen. He would have that interviewer for lunch faster than you can say cat in the hat. He'd do it with a smirk on his face and embarrass the talking head. Our candidate needs to make the watcher laugh at these pathetic loony leftists for the gag they are. Economy in government and a strong national defense because it’s the right thing to do. It shouldn't take a lot to school the clown squad. Stop trying to counterpoint the stupidity. We have unlimited space to put that up. The drive-by interviews traffic in emotion. You are not going to win a debate with an indoctrinated disciple of Che Guevara in 120 seconds. Make people want you. Make them feel good."

On June 16, 2015 Trump announced his candidacy. For decades Republicans have bowed down to the leftist pukes running our media. Every channel, every paper with few exceptions. No one dared take them on. Conservative politicians always tried to play nice with these scumbags. The media establishment were blatant schills for leftist causes and personalities. Where was the fight? Where was the pushback? The well behaved republicans were so afraid of whatever pathetic dweeb was put in their Daddy's newspaper they didn't dare go too far out. When they did they walked back whatever they would like scared children running home because there were bullies outside. GOD HATES A COWARD. That's all we had. That changed. Trump knew his twitter following was bigger than the NYT and that there was unlimited broadcast space on social media. He also played the media like a fiddle. He announced he was going to come out with the truth on Obama's birth certificate. Hoping for something they could embarrass him with, they put him front and center. Then boom, he showed up with his backing of hundreds of retired military personnel all giving their seal of approval on the candidate over anyone else. When Trump won the election. The talking heads were scrambling. They had no clothes and now everyone could see that. Their dumb defense? "Trump was elected because of fake news and Russian collusion" Then it happened. Buzzfeed ran a story about Trump and hotel. It was gross and blatantly false. Who planted it? Russian intelligence. It was blatantly false and superficial checks would have revealed how utterly stupid it was. That didn't stop CNN. They ran with it. That phrase coined to attack Trump "fake news" was about to be turned. This cycle repeated itself over and over. He made them literally sick. These avowed Marxists trying to push narratives to support those looking to destroy this country, were an influence operation. Trump saw that and he beat them. They never were challenged. Now we saw their thin veneer shatter. They were garbage, everyone one could see it. Trump did more than embarrass them, he nuked them.

The Administrative State

"The danger of an administrative return to an extralegal regime becomes particularly concrete when one recognizes the potential for evasion. Administrative law evades not only the law but also its institutions, processes, and rights."

Philip Hamburger University of Columbia Law Professor

Trump called out that it takes longer to get permits for something than to actually build it. He instituted a simple policy to rule the administrative state issues; they have to eliminate two other rules. Trump did more to curtail the administrative state than any president EVER. We here talk of a "deep state" element within the US Government dedicated to using their power for purposes and interests that don't align with that of the american people. A government within the government intent on manipulating the republic to their will. No oversight, no accountability except from those they can help to get into power. The threat of an outsider who didn't care about their inside cliques, who could care less about who's eating at their lunch table, was a threat to every wine glass in the beltway. We saw the lengths they would go to shut him down. Today the BATF is threatening to implement a rule that would make millions of Americans felons. No new law, no new votes by any representatives. Just a new administrative policy they implement. This is the threat of the administrative state to you and I. They create halls of power for themselves and steal liberty and wealth with whatever arbitrary whim they wish to implement. These people are dangerous and need to reeled in. Trump is the only one whoever did anything about it.

He exposed them.

When Trump won the GOP nomination for president we saw who stood in opposition to Hillary and who didn't. For decades conservatives comprised principles to elect moderates who betrayed them at every turn. Now we nominated someone who pushed an agenda that benefited the American people and not an administrative class. It was a demarcation point. We saw politicians who for years preached they were conservatives, but now we found out they couldn't care less. They didn't back our nominee when we backed theirs for decades. We saw who the swamp creatures were and who the real patriots were. This is important. NAME THEM AND SHAME THEM FOREVER. They are liars and thieves, afford them no quarter on the ballot. They were more concerned about protecting a political class than they were of defending the ideals they claimed to espouse.

Utah's most important president

When Millard Fillmore became president he returned Brigham Young to the Governor's seat. This single action was the most any president had done for the people of Utah. Fillmore restored self governance. When president Trump took office he returned millions of acres that were seized by the federal government. The eco-fascists locked up our state and decided the federal government was better situated to control our state than the people. Trump reversed that in doing so he did more than Millard Fillmore and enabled the self government promised to the states in the constitution. Utah is not federal territory and subject of bureaucratic whims but a state with the right to self governance. Trump is the most important president to Utah EVER!.

Big from GO!

The first and only office Trump ever ran for was president of the United States. He not only ignored the traditional playbook he burned it. He took his message directly to the American people all the while mocking the lame spin put on by the kale munching talking heads. He demonstrated that people don't need to climb a political ladder. You don't need to cater to a political class. You need to destroy it. Run for office, start out big, say what no one else is saying. Don't cater to leftist media establishment. The more they resist and attack you the more you can be assured of your course. The establishment hates Trump so much not because of what he did but he showed to people what was possible.

Trump showed us we can have an America that is great, not something to be cast down and vilified by a Marxist ideologues. We need people who will fight like him, people who will put America first, people who will counter establishment influence operations, people who will take on an administrative and political class with it's own interests. There will be a cost but America is worth it. Trump matters now more than ever

Happy Birthday President Trump!

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Wow, That was a great piece David ! It was the most honest and forthright statement I have read in years!

We have so much to understand and decades if not hundreds of years of capitulation to unwind !

We do need to dig a little deeper in Utah I believe to see the origins and implement a game plan to take back Utah!

reach out to me,

Mike Tyler

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