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With Republicans like these, who needs Democrats?

With Republicans like these, who needs Democrats?

The Deep Stakes in Utah's CD2 Race.

Mike Lee took to the Senate floor to call out the GOP House leadership and, with it, the entirety of Utah's congressional delegation. Having an 'R' next to your name was never an indicator of good policy positions, but at least it was a guide. What a Republican was in 1994, when Newt Gingrich led the takeover of the House, is a far cry from the capitulating and even complicit machinations of today's Grand Ole Party. It wasn't the Democrats that led the Russia delusion scandal, which led to innocent people being perjury trapped and derailed the Trump agenda. It was firebrand Republicans like Trey Gowdy who led the charge, looking to make a name for themselves as sanctimonious virtue signalers. They exposed themselves as quite the opposite - patsies and players eager to do the bidding of a malicious deep state that puts its own interests above everything else.

This was clear in the repercussions of January 6th. Both John Curtis and Blake Moore sponsored legislation to censure and attack President Trump before any serious inquiries into the nature of the event were made clear. Even with the obvious—teams of trained operatives, provocateurs, and lies about the event being an insurrection—John Curtis is on record supporting an impeachment inquiry of President Trump but, to date, has made no such calls for Biden given the serious nature of bribery and foreign actors buying influence.

James O'Keefe even made an appearance in Utah, highlighting Curtis' campaign operatives outing him as a closeted leftist supporting infanticide. Jordan Hess is a consummate defender of John Curtis and is working with shared resources in Jordan Hess' campaign. In Hess' camp is Adreille Herring, also from John Curtis' camp. Adreille became famous as the too-honest staffer who called her to tender his resignation. They're tight, and why wouldn't they be? They are long-time establishment politicos acting at the behest of the deep state shills we call elected officials coming from Utah.

Newt Gingrich leveraged his position in 1994 for federal reform and a balanced budget. Kevin McCarthy mustered a capitulation over shutdown and default fears. Thanks for going along with financial apocalypse fan fiction written by the same people that got us into this mess in the first place. Kevin McCarthy did this with the help of every single one of Utah's congressional delegation. They all worked hard to give the far-left deep state establishment a fantasy Christmas list to be weaponized against all of us and our families. It's not AOC, but John Curtis and his pocketed cronies that Utahns should be wary of. AOC tells you who she is. John Curtis will lie straight to your face and pick your pocket while he's doing it. Mike Lee was right. With Republicans like these, who needs Democrats? Will CD2 be filled by a John Curtis 2.0 with superficial talking points or a decent, God-fearing person fighting for Utah's families?

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