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You stand with Ukraine…really?

Cox, Romney, Curtis, Moore, did everything possible to remove Trump and install the same group of people that led to failure after failure on the world stage? Militant Never-Trumper republican establishment has permanently damaged our national security and put the lives of everyone in the country at risk. They did this because the orange man threatened their powerbase and they couldn't resist advancing the policies that’s cementing the hyper left's control over our entire lives. Today we are seeing the endless virtue signaling of elected officials proclaiming their solidarity with Ukraine. None of them are taking responsibility for putting us in this situation. What's happening today in Ukraine is a direct result of the failures in Afghanistan, the worst foreign policy failure in American history. A clear message was sent. America won't even protect itself much less other nations. It's the same chain of failures from the same people who ran Obama's ghastly foreign policy. We saw it in Iraq, and the rise of ISIS. We saw it in Iran and crates of cash air dropped to directly fund terrorism out of Tehran. We saw it in Libya, and the massacre of American diplomats, on the anniversary of September 11, by Al Qaeda, with weapons supplied by Hillary Clinton. It's geared towards bribing our enemies. Turning our back on our allies. More than anything it's about ignoring foreign policies abroad and cementing power at home. To the establishment machine the enemy isn't Russia, China, or the Taliban, it's the American voter. We saw with the failure of Afghanistan and the Biden Administration that no one would be held accountable. No one was fired. No policy was reversed. It didn’t matter how bad the failure was or how much the American people disapproved. The Biden administration was laser focused on cementing power at home. That’s why they don’t care how bad their foreign policy is. They are doing this with illegal immigration and mass amnesty, taking over elections, COVID controls, crippling rural america and american industry, climate change hysteria AKA eco-fascism, entitlement benefits, public sector unions, leftist indoctrination and entrenchment within the administrative state etc… Anything that fixes the board for them and cripples any potential opposition is on the agenda for the left. You can see this daily in Psaki’s press conferences with her flippant dismissive and shameful remarks whenever asked any legitimate questions. Whether it’s inflation, pipeline shutdowns, or the destruction of high paying jobs. They are doubling down and telling us it’s all good things for the American people. Who is enabling all this? You have the establishment shills in the media that are hell bent on pushing the left’s agenda as far as possible, running cover for Team Biden, and spinning any obvious failures to the point of extreme and overt lying. Are they alone to blame? No, this agenda is carried forward despite the public overtures against it by the Republican establishment. Especially here in Utah. The Ivy league policy experts that put America in the dangerous position mocked Sarah Palin back in 2012 when she stated the obvious. That Putin would invade Ukraine if Obama is re-elected. Putin did just that. Right after the Sochi Winter Olympics Putin invaded Ukraine. It wasn’t a secret, we saw it coming. Right after the Beijing Winter Olympics, again, Putin is invading Ukraine. This time he’s completely unrestrained, egged on by America’s total failure in Afghanistan. No consequences from the west. NONE! Biden isn’t afraid of the electoral consequences of endangering the United States, because he can cement power at home and the establishment GOP is helping him do it. Romney who immediately went after Trump for Biden’s foreign policy failures, was the biggest cheerleader for universal vote by mail. He, like so many in Utah, was quick to contradict President Trump on vote by mail. As did Spencer Cox who went on every national TV outlet he could go on to contradict the President. Derek Brown used the party’s social media accounts to push vote by mail. Steve Eliason, Amelia Powers Gardner, Stuart Peay, all went on the far left hate rag, The Washington Post, to use our state in a hit piece against President Trump. John Curtis took to twitter to go after President Trump on the same subject. THEY ALL KNOW THIS FAVORED BIDEN. If for no other reason it fed into his talking points as a non-partisan issue and anyone questioning it being framed as cooky and conspiratorial. Utah’s Lieutenant Governor, Deidre Henderson, has smeared critics as racist and conspiracy theorists. In this legislative session efforts are underway by Never-Trumper and McMullin-pusher, State Senator Jacob Anderegg, to further undermine election integrity with an electronic voting commission. The left’s militant insistence and attacks on anyone questioning how voting is done isn’t because it’s a bipartisan issue. It’s not. It’s about the left cementing power and enabling whatever policies keeping them there. This is why they don’t care about how bad their foreign policy failures are. Since the installment of Joseph Biden as president over two million illegal immigrants have crossed our southern border. They have been flown all over the country on secret military flights to key locations all across the country. The intent here is very clear. It’s about expanding the democrat voting base in key areas to ensure democrats remain in power permanently. In Utah, legislation was recently passed to enable mass identity theft of children. Protections via required background checks for employers are being gutted to further the massive criminal elements taking over. The more ID’s stolen, the more entrenched the illegal populations become, the greater the case will be for mass amnesty and cement the democrats in perpetuity. Who has already started pushing for this amnesty? Utah's congressman from CD3 John Curtis. Fear mongering through climate hysteria is the ultimate totalitarian threat and a chief means of fleecing Americans through carbon credit schemes and controlling every aspect of their lives. Land grabs in western states turning once thriving rural America into desolate and abandoned wastelands. It’s forcing as many people out of rural America and into dense metro areas. The more dense an area, the more critics are silenced and corralled and controlled. By limiting the means of economic advancement the left thwarts any resources being used to challenge them and force more and more people to become dependents of the state. Leftists aren’t prone to having large families. They are more likely to have abortions, deviant lifestyles that preclude them from having children naturally, or long term premuscuity that isn’t conducive to having a stable family. With less and less children among them, they’re only means of propagating their divisive and unholy lifestyles is by pushing it in public schools. It’s the primary means they have to create more leftists. Challenge that indoctrination and show up at school board meeting and you’ll be labelled a terrorist. You’ll see your access to innumerable goods and services be cut off at that point. Even owning a gun becomes a felony. You can’t be on a federal terror list and own a firearm. They don’t have to tell you you’re on it either. Just wait until the timing is right and arrest you. It’s up to four years in federal prison for every gun in your possession. You will be left defenseless and vulnerable to the whim of federal prosecutors. This indoctrination and intimidation is key to cementing power. Who is helping them? Utah’s republican governor, Spencer Cox. Climate change and inclusion of eunuchs is a top priority of our US Military. Faced with such a potently woke force its crystal clear how the world will respond. Aggressor powers will be more aggressive. Weaker countries will acquiesce in an effort to either maximize the economic opportunity they have and limit any aggression towards them. The Republic of China (aka Taiwan) is under direct threat and likely to be overrun very soon. There is nothing to stop Russia from doing whatever it wants in Ukraine. The world needs Russian gas and oil a lot more than Russia needs anyone else. I wouldn’t be drinking the kool aid that economic sanctions will have any meaningful impact. The question rises, Why would China or Russia stop at Taiwan or Ukraine? I don’t have a good answer for you. The kinetic consequences of decades of bad foreign policy will happen in the continental United States. It won’t be planes flying into buildings, as bad as that , it will be much much worse. The republican establishment in Utah is enabling far left agendas to cement democrat control domestically. That has dire consequences throughout the world. Those consequences will be coming to us very soon. So when you see Mitt Romney, John Curtis, Spencer Cox and many state representatives saying “I stand with Ukraine” or “I stand with Taiwan” know this… They used their positions to put us in this position. The Never Trumper Republican establishment in Utah has permanently damaged our national security and it’s our children that will pay the price.

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